A New Running Thread for 2017


Two and a bit laps of Victoria Park would be perfect for this. Pretty much totally flat, nice wide paths/roads and only two points where you’d have to cross a road (both with zebra crossings). Also, there are water fountains there, so you can hammer it round and then drink afterwards without having to carry anything with you.


Guess of you’re doing laps you can leave a bottle at the start and grab a swig from it as you pass, too


Shouldn’t need a drink over 10km anyway if you’re running sub 40.



Was that one of Alberto Salazar’s “special” drinks? (legal disclaimer - i’m in no way suggesting anything improper).

Vicky park is a good shout actually, it’s a 10km run from mine to there but could do a slow warm up or cycle down…


This video freaked me out a bit / gave me dread

does anyone have any tips for long term body preservation when running? i feel great, been running for about 3 years and never had any kind of injury. i invested in good shoes, had my running style analysed, i always warm down. i played a lot of football as a youngster and i cycle a lot so my legs were quite up for it. HOWEVER i am still in my 20s and know it won’t always be this easy. if anyone’s got any tips it would be really welcome


Well he’s got a horrible heel strike running style so that’s probably not helping him a great deal.

Plus he’s an addict. He runs too much. He admits it himself.

He’s been irresponsible with his body and now he’s paying the price.

Be sensible. Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs.


I did the park run this morning. Watch said 19:39. Forgot to stop it at the finish line but we’ll see what the timer said.

When I got in the start queue bit I was about 25-30 people deep but by the time it started there were probably like 50 more people who’d squeezed in front.

The first few hundred metres I was running past people basically jogging from the start, there was even a guy with his kids! I know they’re not races but guys you’re never finishing in the top 50 so why the hell are you at the front getting in the god damn way.


Exactly the same as ours. The announcer clearly says “first 5 rows for sub-20 runners”, and yet joggers and families still squeeze in there. Admittedly five rows of sub-20s is pushing it, as there’s not that many, but even so. I started about 4 rows back this morning, finished in 33rd spot with a new PB of 22.27. Smashing it right now, very much on an upward trend.


If anything I hang back a bit further than I really should because I’m afraid I’m going to get in the way of someone quicker than I am!

Came 28th today iirc. Think they usually have about 500 down.


Yeah, usually start further back with the missus. But the first 500m is pretty tight, so it’s a painfully slow start, which then finds me practically sprinting at the first moment I get to start overtaking, and then things go wrong.

315 at Maidstone this morning, we’ve had up to 400. It’s gets stupidly crowded with those numbers.


Should be there for a go at sub 20 next week


I won’t be! I’m back in Lancaster then Marathon the day after. Sure you’ll be able to get under anyway.


Chip time came in and it was a 19:26 5k. 28th overall out of 718 runners… not bad that :sunglasses:


This does my head in too! Haven’t been running that well lately, managed 21:05 today which was 44th out of 275 so I’m reasonably happy


This is scary!


Knee’s been aching a bit this week, so figured it was wise to lay off for a bit. Reckon I might have a go tomorrow morning though. What’s the worst that can happen? (Crippling myself for life, maybe)


Just done my 20 mile run…two weeks until Amsterdam marathon. I’d stopped drinking for six months before my last marathon whereas now I’m drinking loads, I can definitely feel the difference, I’m full of regret for not looking after myself better.


I don’t go to Maidstone anymore, too busy! I’m scared of falling in the river.


Ha! It can get silly at times. We sometimes do Leybourne or the Great Lines, but Maidstone feels like home