A New Running Thread for 2017


I see on the Strava group that while it wasn’t quite a pb, it was still an awesome time.

Great stuff!


Thanks very much!


London Marathon ballot results have been arrivingtoday, anyone in?


Forgot to update my address so it’ll have been sent to my old flat so, dunno…


I’m in the ballot but nothing through the postbox today…


Marathon on Sunday. Everyone in the office seems to have a cold. Might just book the week off.


I’m in the ballot but haven’t heard anything yet


Keep getting stupid little injuries that stop me from running for a week or so, so it’s hard to build up momentum. Should probably just stop playing football cos that’s normally when they happen, but I enjoy it too much. Currently it’s a sprained right ankle… anyone have any personal experience on how long they normally take to properly heal? I’ve run and played football on it a couple of times since I did it and it was tolerable but a bit sore.

On the plus side, I properly SMASHED the tower block challenge at work, which involves running up the stairs from floor -1 to floor 8. 47 seconds, losers.




Nothing yet.


Nothing when I got home either. Two people I know had there rejection wear through the post. Let’s see what tomorrow has to offer.


Both my girlfriend and I got ‘Sorry’ magazines.

Might try for Brighton instead, I dunno.


I read that half the people get a Sorry magazine and the other half get a Sorry email.
Then the people that got in got a magazine.

I’m assuming this means I’ll get a sorry email :cry:


Tempted to go home to check, no email either.


I want in more than ever now!
I wish you could just look it up online.


Recommendations for a well organised fast spring half marathon please. Gunna do the Sheffield one for fun but it’s got a massive hill in it so would like to run another one for a time



Too late? They’ve changed all the routes this year to make them super fast, so they claim, but it’s Edinburgh so it’s probably still going to be hilly


Bit late aye but would be tempted. Think I’m gunna try to do a decent number of shorter organised events next year, and keep running consistently rather than running loads building up to a marathon then stopping completely for 6 months.
Or I might learn how to swim properly and do a tri


Don’t do a Tri!!!

Do they not do a half when they do the Manchester 10k? Think it’s usually early May.

They do:


Ideally want a march/April one as a reason to stay fit before mallorca