A New Running Thread for 2017


I’m gonna give Fell Running a crack next year I think. Like running long distance but hate the monotony of the road.


Hackney is good.

We’ve also entered the Big Half, which is around docklands, tower bridge and Greenwich.

Both are big events and quite pricey, but being in London, it means we don’t have to organise travel/accommodation.


Fell running is hard on the quads. Good fun though.


All the cycling I do should come in handy then!

I did a bit of trail running back when I was a postie, and used to run a loop out into the peaks and back in to Sheffield but I’ve never had a proper go on the hills.

Always see the old fellas running up on the fells when I go walking in the Lakes and think that I should definitely be having a crack at it if they are!


Only done it a couple of times, but it’s a good lark for something different. And yes - if you cycle then you probably won’t get DOMS in the same way I did!


I know someone who did a Bob Graham round the mad bastard.

The whole fell running scene is mad really. They’re all massive mentalists but lovely, weird people.

Recommend anyone with any interest in running to read Feet in the Clouds. It’s a fascinating book about one man’s obsession with fell running, but also serves as a really interesting history of fell running in general.


Just received the sorry (not sorry) email. Looks like there’s going to be a Newport Marathon around the same time so I might do that instead and there’s no need to book a hotel/travel.


Yeah, officially DENIED. I won’t be entering any other marathon.


REJECTED for the marathon, obviously


I haven’t got an email OR a magazine yet.
What does this MEAN


You forgot to enter?


Hmmm…could be…

(I actually entered AND paid by mistake. I thought you had to pay to enter!)


No London :frowning:
Already doing Brighton anyway.


My problem always used to be that I didn’t have the patience to run slow, so I kept burning myself out legging it on long runs BUT happy to say that barely running for a few months, drinking a fair bit, and intermittently smoking quite heavily mean I can now only run slow.


I’m doing the Royal Parks Half on sunday, via a free space through work. Not expecting to do too well, but i’ve read it’s very flat so maybe my PB from the Great North Run will be beaten?!?

My TV has got a place on the London Marathon, but isn’t really a runner, smokes 10 or so Marlboro a day and is having major anxiety about entering.


Few things for your TV;

  • They can always defer to 2019 if they don’t feel able to run nearer the time.
  • There’s no shame for them in setting a target of simply getting round or deciding to run/walk in a slow time. Simply travelling 26.2m in a day under your own steam is a significant achievement.
  • Keep reminding yourself that while the London Marathon is technically a race, it’s far more of a personal challenge for most people who take part.
  • Good luck! :slight_smile:


To add to this:

Try not to smoke 10 Marlboro a day
Become more of a runner, really.

Go get 'em!


Get down from 10 a day to abstinence other than chainsmoking when drunk. The aggpass marathon training plan


People taking their dogs on the park run

  • Good and fun and nice
  • Get the fuck out of my way dickhead + hound

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Think the Park Run we frequent is far too narrow and busy for it to be a safe idea to bring your dog/pram along.

At quieter ones I imagine it’s less of an issue and in that case, probably quite nice.