A New Running Thread for 2017


I really like this! Better than all the dogs that are being walked in the opposite direction on my morning run, and inevitably jump at my legs.


Annoying but completely worth to watch the owner stressing as their dog stops to do a shit then they have to pick it up in one of those little bags then run the rest of the way round with it. I swear the dogs wait until the run starts.


Disclaimer to this is its fine if it’s a single 5k loop. Runs where people have to lap each other it becomes a nightmare (not that I’m bitter about missing my pb today or anything)


Hopefully the field will thin out a bit into the winter. Guarantee that next time we both go we’ll get you under 20.

I’m currently sat at home ingesting a steady stream of carbs. Got up nice and early. Porridge for Breakfast. Just ate some pancakes with peanut butter.

Was going to go for a jog, but the weather’s grim and I feel alright so not going to bother.

I’d say I’m nervous, but I think I’ve gone beyond the worrying about whether I’ve done enough/proper preparation and have come to accept whatever fate tomorrow brings.


Over 700 there today. Too much


Same as last week. Students are back eh. didn’t stop me getting a PB though :wink:


Ran to a hill, did some hill sprints, ran back.


Kate Bush’s first draft was a little bit more to the point


Still injured, but the source of the injury has been identified. Got fat-shamed by my physio (kinda: she was massaging my stomach and was like “I thought you’d have a six-pack”). But at least she gave me some exercises so hopefully I will be back on my feet soon.


3:26:23 in my Marathon.

Objectively a good time but I’m a bit disappointed. Don’t think I’d prepared properly and my left quad (or more like the IT Band area), started playing up after about 30km.

Splits were
10k - 43:52
Half - 1:34:18
30k - 2:16:34
Finish - 3:26:23

Last 8km or so were fucking bleak. Was already a bit knackered cause I went out a little bit quick (but felt great). Kept having to stop to massage my muscle and then not being able to use that properly was causing my calf to seize up. Had to summon what little self belief I have to keep going.

Was thoroughly enjoying it up to that point. Had a great little running buddy and we kept taking it in turns to pace each other.

Think I’ll have to do another one now :grimacing:


1:45:44 in the Royal Parks half…new PB to beat the Great North Run one set a few weeks ago.

Girlfriend has decided to go for the London Marathon!


This sounds like an almost exact replica of my run in Oslo last month, except my issues were caused by hamstring pain moving down to the calfs, which cramped horribly in the final 6km.

Great effort though!


I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, was really just hanging on at the end.

My half pace is on for 3:08 and even my pace through 30 once I’d consciously pulled back a bit would be equivalent to a 3:11 or thereabouts.

Think I could be a good runner if I took it seriously. Just not sure if I really want to be. You’ve got to dedicate a lot of time to speedwork, hills, intervals etc. and I just didn’t do any of that.

Ultimately I didn’t give the distance the respect it deserves, either in training or on the day, and I really suffered for it!


Did the Birmingham marathon this morning. Managed 3:52, a full 16 mins slower than Manchester in April :sob: Think this was down to a combination of hills, not enough fast running in training and getting about 2 hours sleep last night due to my son getting sick.

Think with the amount of time I can dedicate to running, marathon’s probably not the best distance to aim for. Reckon I have a sub 20 parkrun and a sub 95 min HM in me, so these are the next goal :running_woman: :muscle:


these are exactly my targets. Race ya

(great stuff today too!)


Did Amsterdam marathon yesterday, would thoroughly recommend it but it was HOT.

Might do Tromso midnight sun marathon in 2018.


How did you get on, friend?


My time was terrible, 4.24, I was on course for 4 hours at 13 miles, I don’t know what happened! I’ve had a little epiphany since that I need to stop fretting about time. I am never going to be a fast runner, so it’s unhelpful to beat myself up about the fact that I can’t run every run faster than the last.


4.24 seems very, very far from terrible in heat tbh, well played! Great stuff!


Signing up for the Llanelli half in February, hopefully it won’t snow.