A New Running Thread for 2017


4:24 is far from terrible! Despite being generally flat, Amsterdam isn’t the fastest course at all, and especially if it was hot that’s a decent effort (the heat would explain the fade).
Hope you enjoyed some of the incredible chips they serve at the stadium.


Just signed up for the Hackney Half again next year and I WILL do it in under two hours this year. You all have permission to mock me relentlessly if I fail to.


I’ve signed up as well, so you’re guaranteed clear blue skies, blazing sun and scorching temperatures.



That’s a given, friend.


Can i mock you regardless?


In all seriousness, find a six-month training plan and train for 1.45, but run for 2.00.

Start now, very slowly and you should be able to build up gradually enough for your body to not break down.


Well done! And colour me intrigued about this midnight sun marathon…


This is excellent advice


Please do!


Do you think Kipchoge trains for a 1.45 marathon?


Got a definite 2 halves booked up for next year. The Big Half in London, which I’m hoping will be a nice substitute for got getting into the marathon proper. And Paddock Wood, which is the only half I have done before, so looking to improve my time there (1.54).

Also planning on doing this silly chocolate run, that could get up to half-marathon distance, if I’ve trained enough after Christmas and I can be bothered on the day.



Cheers pal :+1:

Gonna get cracking on it once the game is out on Nov 10th and yeah, actually be sensible about it this time and build up instead of getting carried away with a massively premature 18k and resulting injury like I did this year…


Aww, I feel bad now :frowning:


That chocothon sounds right up my street…


It does sound fun, but I do remember getting a Twix in my runners bag after the half marathon I did and it taking me about half an hour to eat because I couldn’t actually chew. Not sure how much chocolate I’ll actually be able to consume.




I’m going to do this, I really enjoyed it this year.


Nice one! Will be lots of DiS runners if the precious couple of years are anything to go by I think!


I’ve signed up again for next year, have done the Hackney Half every year since it started so kindof feel like it has to be done. why did they move it further into May for 2018 though, was it not hot enough this year?
Also signed up for Paris marathon in April 2018, looking forward to that.


I suspect that it was because so many people entered, and then had to drop out, after running the marathon the week before.