A New Running Thread for 2017


The top runners are amazing athletes too. In the late 80s Kenny Stuart finished his career on the fells and had a go at road marathons. 2h11m. Not too shabby. Andy Davies came from the fells and has run sub 2h20m recently.

I’d also second the Feet in the Clouds rec. Great book. It looks likely Kilian Jornet is going to have a go at the Bob Graham this year, presumably to have a crack at the record. It’s stood for 35 years.


Be interesting to see him have a go. I imagine local knowledge and familiarity with the fells would play a massive part in a BG Record attempt. Wouldn’t put it past Jornet to beat it though, he really is something else. Have you watched any of his documentaries? The one where he was attempting records for ascent/descent of mountains was quite ridiculous. Leaping down sections that were roped for normal folk!


He’d be supported by some top UK runners, so familiarity with the route wouldn’t be an issue. You’ve got guys like Tom Owens and Ricky Lightfoot who are fellow Salomon runners, and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a queue of elite fell runners who’d be happy to support him.

I reckon there’s two factors in whether he breaks the record: 1) Does he give it a proper go? He seems pretty chill and has been known to show up and potter round stuff without giving it full gas. 2) Weather/underfoot conditions. The ground on the fells is saturated at the moment, so the going is slower. And if it’s wet on the day, there are long stretches where greasy rock would slow you down quite a bit. If he goes for it in decent conditions, he smashes it.

Yeah, seen a few of his docs. He’s unbelievable. Seems like a great bunch of lad too.


Jasmin Paris’s tip was to schedule it for two weekends in a row, and then pick the one with the best conditions:


Nice idea, you need to have flexible support in place though (especially if you’re going for a fast round). Her round is probably the greatest athletic achievement by a Brit last year. Shame something like this would never get picked up on SPOTY and the like. See also Jim Mann’s Munro record: https://www.strava.com/activities/1075818431. Just ridiculous, not only distance and height gain, but the nature of the terrain.


“Calories: 0”


Maybe 0 left?


This is a nice little profile of Zach Miller. I did laugh at his ‘mediocre’ 10K time though:




Ha, I bought an actual physical copy of the the guardian at the weekend and started to read that but stopped because it was making me feel bad so didn’t get that far. I think I’d struggle to run 1k at 31 minute 10k pace.


I could probably manage 400m at elite long-distance pace.


Ah, I missed the context around that. He did that as a ‘college runner’ which I guess means someone who competed or was looking to go on to compete at a national level at least. 31:23 is mediocre in that context, you’d want to be breaking 30 mins.


It seems I did 400m in 61 seconds once:

If I kept that up for another 24 laps I’d break the 10k WR by about 50 seconds. 1-0 VincentAdultman


I used to be able to do 400m in 58 seconds when I was at school, but I was absolutely dead at the end of it. I’d be way off that now.

At the London Marathon expo they had a long treadmill set up to marathon WR pace, and you could see how far you could go. It’s frightening.


If I’ve done the maths correctly, marathon WR pace is basically 70s laps, so yeah, I could keep that up for maybe 800m.

400m really wasn’t my event at school. Could never pace myself properly. For such a sort distance it is quite tactical isn’t it? Or am I over complicating things?


I used to sometimes do 400m and sometimes do 800m for my school. 400m is the longest race run in lanes and so it’s all about your ability to judge and trust in your own pace. I don’t think tactics are that important in 400m compared to 800m, where you get bunching and people trying for a sprint finish.

There’s no way that I could do a 2.20 800m now, and I never got under 2.30 when I was at school.


Oh, and yeah, Adharanand Finn clarifies in the comments that the line ‘for an elite runner’ was edited out of the article.


Maybe a 2:20 is a little optimistic. I think 2:30 should be doable though. I’ll go down to the track at some point and find out for sure.


Are we allowed to take the same supplements as the pros before trying?


Meight, I’ve already taken out a pint of my blood in preparation.