A New Running Thread for 2017


My asthma’s playing up so I’m gunna have a few cortisone injections brb


Anyone else suffer from the dreaded runners nipple? I seem to get it now on longer runs. First time, i got it i could sense passers by were looking at me more than normal during my run and thought i must be looking good today, turns out they were probably looking at the mark of blood on my t-shirt


bit of vaseline on them tends to sort them out, for me


Yup, this or bodyglide. Also put tape or a plaster over them until any scabs have healed.


Will give those suggestions a go. Cheers, been running for years and never had it so it’s weird. Not even bought different t-shirts or anything like that recently that might started it.


Ran my second half-marathon in Gent on Saturday. It was a lovely flat course so managed to shave a few minutes off my previous time!


I saw that on the strava group - that’s a great time: proper race pace step up as well!


Cheers mate! Yeah I think my regular runs being on a hill has really stood to me when racing on flat ground, I found it natural enough to pick up the pace a bit.


Hey, I ran my first half last weekend and I’m looking at running my first full marathon next April/May. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

I’m based in London but happy to travel further afield nationally. Currently weighing up Edinburgh or Brighton.


Don’t have first hand experience with it, but I know they’ve changed the route of the Edinburgh one for next year to make it the fastest marathon route in the UK, so could be a good first one to do.



EDIT: Just realised you said “full” ignore me


I’ve done London, and my girlfriend has done Brighton.

Why do you want to run a marathon? If you’re wanting to raise money, then there are lots of places available for the London Marathon if you’re prepared to raise about £2000. The atmosphere in London is probably better than any other marathon in the world, with the crowds being huge. It’s also probably the easiest to get to and move around for spectators too. London is flat and fast, but it can be very intense - if you like running in solitude it can be a bit overwhelming.

Brighton is a good atmosphere too, but it is hillier, can be very windy, and there is a long, bleak stretch where you run out to the power station and there is minimal support from spectators. I think that there are still general entry spots available too.

Either way, you’ve left yourself a decent amount of time to step up, as long as you don’t slack off until after Christmas. Start planning and working to a schedule now.

EDIT: Oh, and well done on the half marathon!


Did the greater manchester one for my first one this year.
Pros: good size, well organised, easy to get to, pan flat (48m of total elevation iirc), very fast
Cons: not a very interesting course, esp. miles 18-22 which are out in the sticks with barely any spectators which is a bit of a pain during the hardest section of a marathon.

I was running for a time though so it was perfect for me, may do it again next year


Thanks, I want to run a marathon for the challenge of doing it. I’d feel conflicted raising money for charity from friends and family for what is essentially a hobby. I’d like to run it at some point but might wait for future years when I can finish in a better time.

I might try and grab one of the general entry spots for Brighton, would you recommend finding accommodation when coming from London?

I think I’ll sign up for a smaller half in Jan/Feb now I’ve got a time to beat as well.


This does look good and flatter than i’d have expected.


The spectator lull for the last 1/3rd of the race sounds like hard work.


I would, yes. You need to pick up your race pack ahead of the day, and unless you plan on making a trip on the Friday, then the Saturday is usually the best day to do it (but make sure that you leave enough time to get through the queues). The marathon starts in Preston Park on the Sunday, and you’d have to be there by about 8.00am, I think, and in previous years, the Preston Park station has been closed, so you’d struggle to get there from London on that morning.

I’d use it as an opportunity to have a weekend in Brighton, but get your accommodation sorted early, otherwise it can be very expensive.


Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind.


looking for one to do around that time so hmu if you find a quick looking one please


Peaking around, Hampton Court Half is flat and London-centric for me. No first or second hand information though. On the 22nd of Feb.