A New Running Thread for 2017


Had a look and there’s one in great bentley (near my home town) and one in fylde (near my gf’s home town) i february so will probably do one of those for convenience


February on the Fylde Coast… Grim.


If anything could inspire me to a 1:35 half marathon, it’s the urge to not spend 1 hour and 35 minutes outside in february in Blackpool


that ‘bleak bit’ really is a fucking boring ballache


I’ve fallen back in love with running. I’m sure it will be very very short lived as most of my things always are.

I’ve done the last maybe 3 or 4 parkruns at finsbury park and I’ve been trying to beat a previous goal of doing the 5k in under 30 mins. I was never able to do it but managed to get 29:17 a few weeks ago, then last week and the week before it was just over 30mins (30:18!! 18 fucking seconds!!)

BUT I had ran to work for the first time in a very very long time and managed to run the entire duration without stopping.
I did 8.7km in 54mins which I am so fucking chuffed with. Not even for the time or the distance, just for keeping a good pace and sticking to it mentally for the whole time.

Meowingtons top running tips:

  • Have insomnia and wake up at 4am. You’ll have 2 and a half hours at least to phsych yourself up to go.
  • Eat a bowl of pesto pasta at 5am because you are very hungry.
  • Drink a black coffee and pray to god you don’t need to poo at any time

But does anyone ever have days where they feel like they have no running rhythm?

Some days like today I feel like a gazelle! Then other days because I have to lug around a pair of quite large breasts and a big arse, I feel like i’m stomping about and really uncoordinated and just like i’m running for a bus.


Well done!

And yeah, everyone has those days where it doesn’t seem to click and you’re really conscious of what you’re doing and it feel like you’re running on a stopped escalator.


hate those days where it feels like somebodys sneakily attached weights to your legs and you’re conscious of every single movement. sometimes it passes, other times you just have to call it a bad job and listen to your body.


It’s so weird. I feel like sometimes i’ve never run in my life before and my body is like wtf are you doing to me here


Nice one! I am aiming to start again properly in earnest on Monday of next week. If I don’t run in on Monday you are all very welcome to call me an enormous failure.


I know that peer pressure can be a great motivator, but don’t pile it on yourself too much.


Peer pressure will make me want to do it less.


Unfortunately I am a sucker for a bit of routine so I have told myself I will go every saturday to parkrun (ran in the pissing rain on saturday!) and anything else is a massive bonus and well done on me for even getting out there, even if i don’t do well/run hard etc.

Habit for me is a massive motivator. I go to the same gym classes each week pretty much too.


Aye, I know pal. I’m just joshing really. Am in one of those spells where my main motivation is being pissed off with myself for slipping though.

Very irritating year for me which started promisingly. Had two half-marathons booked one of which was during crunch at work to ensure I didn’t fall into the same trap I always do of the long shifts and takeaways making my physical and mental health suffer. PB 10k race in January, attacked the Hackney half prep too quickly and fucked my knee for it, fucked my knee further by running the Hackney Half when I should probably have pulled out leading to a long rest period and slipping away from proper prep for Ealing. Very annoyed with myself about the whole thing frankly.


Aye, same. I generally tend to fall into a routine quite quickly when I get back on it but I also fall out of it way too quickly if that ever routine slips a bit.


Oh yeah I’m all or nothing. Always have been.
Luckily this last year or so, i’ve been pretty consistent with all other exercise which has never happened before. I’ve only rested for a week or two at most when i’ve been very sick.

I’ve definitely got the bug, thats for sure. Gonna keep on it all winter/xmas too.


I have no running routine, with the exception of Saturday parkruns, so my aim for next year is to run more often and more consistently. I have upped the amount I run massively this year, but so much that yet consider myself to actually be a runner.

I want to see if I can do a 7-day (or longer) streak. Nothing major, a couple of 5ks, a 10k and some smaller ones just to keep the streak going. I mentioned this at the weekend, but haven’t actually picked a start day yet. Maybe tomorrow! :laughing::laughing:


Do be careful with streak running - keep the “off” days very short and light initially, because your body won’t be used to not having rest days. It can be immensely rewarding though.


Oh yeah, I’m talking about running to shop for a Yorkie. That sort of thing. 1-2k max.


Sounds good.

Incidentally, have we ever discussed Ron Hill’s 52 year streak? That man is an actual genuine legend.


Day one of the #7daystreak started this morning, at last. Did a 15 minute “fast” run and covered just over 3k. Planning on parkrun tomorrow, a 10k on Sunday, then a couple of short ones (2/3k) Monday/Tuesday. Then we’ll see how I’m feeling by Wednesday.

Beer festival tonight and drinks with friends tomorrow. I’m fully expecting this streak to die on its arse by Sunday.