A New Running Thread for 2017


Don’t forget that 1k is enough to count as part of a streak.


It is, it really is. It just feels so pointless to only do that. But I should definitely consider it.


Just run to McDonalds is what i’d do. That’s about 1km away from my house.


TBF at the beginning of the year, I set myself a rule that 2 miles (roughly 3k) would be my minimum. Tbh, if you’re already a runner, it’s not that hard to keep to it. Just remember your slow days is all.


Yep, not McDonalds, but certainly cheese straws from the Co-Op.


Day 5 of the #7daystreak completed this morning with a slow 3k. Am definitely looking forward to a rest day on Friday now, but I will complete this. Although I guess I must be due a longer run tomorrow now. Dunno. Definitely finishing with a 5k because I’m working from home that day, so have time before work. Don’t know whether to do 5k tomorrow, but just get up earlier. Body will probably say “no”


Listen to your body :slight_smile:


Think I’m mostly feeling it today because I went out AFTER work yesterday and again this morning. So only 12 hours rest between the two. At least the next two days planned are both mornings, so a bit more recovery time between runs. Plus, they’ll be with the missus, so her slower pace.



I did run in yesterday so no need for ridicule. Was a bit fucking bleak though tbh, got a bit light-headed around 3k in which was worrying so walked a bit until it cleared and then finished up.

The plaster has been ripped off now though at least.


Love Ron Hill, he turns up to my local Parkrun sometimes.


Probably going to signup to this local trail half marathon in February again:


It’ll be good to have something to aim for after Christmas. I’ve run this the past couple of years and it’s always been a good atmosphere. Think I actually prefer smaller local races. Would love to get under 95 mins this year!


got a shin splint since about a week and a half ago so I can barely fucking jog for the bus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Looks like a nice event. Could be interested in something to focus on for the new year…


Mine started to flare up a bit yesterday as well. Fucking pain in the arse. I’ve replaced my daily trainers with something a bit less flat as I think my walking 6 miles a day in my normal pair was exacerbating the issue, hopefully this helps it.


I’ve enjoyed it the past couple of years. It’s pretty flat as it goes out along an old railway line and comes back along a canal path.

Also quite tempted by this, but the multiple laps put me off a bit:



Yeah, I quite fancy something off-road relying speed (relative term!). Really need to get some kind of routine back in to running and a goal will help that. Do you know what the overall ascent is, as in how flat is flat?


Might be up for this. @TontonZolaMoukoko ?


Strava reckons 78m overall, here’s the elevation plot from the activity:


Oh man, I hope that works for you!

I don’t do a huuuuuge amount of walking, although I run up and down stairs a fair bit at work, I guess, so hopefully it’s getting enough rest. It sometimes feels like something’s growing under there and forcing my shinbone out of my leg (not hyperbole, honest).


Physio said a bit of running would probably be good for the ol hammy so don’t see why not. Would mean I’d need to buy some trail shoes though. Think my last pair were worn out.