A New Running Thread for 2017


balls to that I’ll just do it in my brogues


Finished my seven day streak this morning. Have to say it’s felt good to get out every day, but I’ve definitely slowed down considerably the past couple of days. Clocked up just shy of 30k over those seven days, so not a huge distance, but still feel good for it.

However, really looking forward to my rest day tomorrow, then we’ll see whether I can be arsed with parkrun on Saturday or not.


It’s on a pretty firm footpath and a canal towpath so don’t really need trail shoes unless it’s been raining heavily. I often run the route on long runs and it’s always been fine in road shoes.


Shhhhhhhh I can use it as an excuse to buy some new ones :smiley:


Fast flat marathon in a nice city for a long weekend, hmu


In the UK or abroad?

2018 or 2019 entry?


Either, but cheapish and not mad hot if abroad.


Berlin, Frankfurt or Rotterdam


alright, the beautiful south!

(thanks, will have a look at Frankfurt and Rotterdam, went to Berlin this year (the city, not the marathon))


Berlin, Chicago and Amsterdam are meant to be good for PBs. You may struggle to get in for 2018 though.

Abingdon, Manchester and Edinburgh are also good for PBs in the UK.


Edinburgh was one I was eyeing up. 27th May is ideal date wise for me too


Does Edinburgh no longer finish uphill to the castle?


No, by the coast:


just build up momentum in the first few miles and freewheel to the end, easy


Wear a pair of heelys.


is there a place that lists all UK and Europe “organised” runs? 10k or half marathons specifically.



Dunno if that’s any use or not tbh


https://www.timeoutdoors.com/events/runs mainly UK


Not really, no.

RunBritain, RunnersWorld and RunDiary have listings for the UK, and between them, that should pick up all events.

I don’t think that there is a similar thing for the whole of Europe.

Are you looking for anything in particular?


Spoilered because this is a potench Christmas thing: plasticmichael has made noises that he’d like to do a 10k or half marathon next year, maybe in Europe. Berlin HM would be good, but entries are closed, and the 10k Berlin run I’ve found is at a shit time of year for us. Just wondered if there was a database of organised runs to make it easier for me to find them.