A New Running Thread for 2017




That schedule (Long run, recovery run, tempo run, recovery run, interval run, recovery run, rest) is what to aim for after a good sixth months of running, and should be enough to see you through any distance up to a marathon.

If you’re running twice a week, make one a longer run (say 8km) and one a tempo run (5km) and build up very slowly from there. You shouldn’t add more than 10% in weekly mileage from the previous week. Anything more adds to the injury risk.


I prefer longer runs. Tend to run a 8-12 mile run, a 5k and an interval run up and down a hill once a week. The long run needs to increase before a marathon next year.

I wouldn’t say hurt but sometimes feel a twinge when I’m increasing difficulty.

Unclenched fists, I like to hold my keys in my hand.

Jangly indie-music: Chastity Belt, Sacred Paws, etc. Heavier or faster paced electronic stuff makes me run too fast.

Yeah, I find it okay as long as it’s not icy underfoot, got out yesterday in London at around 8pm, I’ve got a long-sleeved running shirt that kind of covers the hands and running tights, I switch to them from shorts/tshirt if it’s under 5 degrees.


Don’t be scared, you’ll know about it if it’s really bad. Mine was a combination of too much too soon and really steep downhill sections making for too much impact on it.

Just wanted to warn against the on-run feeling of “Oh I feel fine, I’ll go longer than intended” as it’s been misleading for me


Unfortunately I have MASSIVE issues with being all or nothing. Either i’m running 7km-10km every other day or i’m not.
I’m all about that number buzz where I can go LOOK WHAT I DID and be able to quantify it rather than actually working out/doing what I should.


Ok perfect, thanks!!
I’ll stick to the parkrun as I like those and my time is improving and then try one run to work which is about 8km. I’ll increase from there but really I don’t need to do any more than that cause I’m not training for anything and I also do about 5 gym classes a week too so pretty much running myself into the ground over here.


Oh, I should say that this assumes that you’re not doing any other physical activity. If you are, substitute them in for a run session, rather than add it to them.


I don’t know how you can listen to nothing!
i mean I like my own thoughts but I need a distraction almost.


Yeah, same here. I make the specificity of the target way too important and whilst that’s really good for motivation, it’s definitely what made me cock up this year and end up only running one shambolic half-marathon instead of the hope/target of two sub-2hr ones that I’d set for myself.


Not really related but my one piece of advice if you’re looking at training half seriously is to never, ever try to catch a run back up. If you can’t go out, you can’t go out, just forget it and move on (I missed a 20k when I was marathon training cause I was on holiday, crammed it into a rest day the following week, nearly ruined my marathon through tendonitis)


Was talking with my therapist about it a week or two ago. Going out for a run is about the only time my head completely clears - faffing around with wires and/or carrying (even a tiny) player takes me out of that space (plus, when I started back in 2005, wireless headphones and tiny lightweight players weren’t a thing, so I got used to not having them, innit.


I would love to be able to so I am jealous. I feel my head is clear when I run and I couldn’t for the life of you tell you a single song I listened to so I should try without one day!


Park run is a great place to try it. Loads of people around and too short to get bored


I know a lot of people struggle without the distraction of music or a book, so I won’t pretend it’s easy or right for everyone, but I do think if it’s something you’re able to manage then you’d find it quite liberating.


Fwiw I much prefer running with music esp. Over an hour or so but it’s worth trying different things


Yeah I know but it’s just something I struggle with a lot when it comes to exercise (mainly cause I think I struggle with weight issues so I equate missing exercise to putting on weight which I KNOW is not the case). I feel an intense amount of guilt if I say i’m going to do a certain exercise thing at that point then don’t do it.

BUT I’m trying to take a step back from doing an intense amount of exercise so i’m hoping I can get into a proper routine/plan with the running before I move further away from my gym and therefore less able to do as much stuff.


Yeah I’m the same. Got properly maybe overly obsessed and single minded in the build up to the marathon. I guess you need that mentality to some extent to force you out when it’s cold or wet but I definitely pushed it too far


It’s quite a struggle! Like this week with xmas parties and subsequent hangovers, I KNOW i’ll have to bail on the running for the week and i’m even like “well if i don’t drink at the xmas party I could run in on Thursday” and then i’m like WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT JUST TAKE 2 DAYS OFF FFS


Literally haven’t been for a run since I did my Marathon but I don’t listen to anything when I’m going for a long run/bike ride for similar reasons to yourself. Having hours for your brain to think to itself sounds like a terrible idea and I get why people think they need the distraction, but it’s been totally the opposite for me.

When I’m not running or on the bike I spend far less time dwelling on stupid stuff. It’s like my brain uses that time alone to just file all that stuff away.

I’m a far less depressed, less anxious mess of a person when I’m exercising regularly and that’s probably the main reason I enjoy running and cycling. Being physically fit is just a useful side effect of that and being a bit competitive keeps me locked into keeping going with it.

It’s probably a pretty unhealthy thing being so reliant on it but it’s the only way I’ve found to manage that sort of thing.

I’d recommend people giving it a proper shot. Just bin off the headphones for a month or two and see how you get on. Do a few long runs without music and see how you feel.


A good route can help with longer runs as well, I usually go along the canal from stoke newington to victoria park and then round that, it’s much nicer than being stuck on a narrow pavement.

Longer distances may seem intimidating but if you build it up slowly and gradually they just become normal. I really like running in the cold, with a long sleeve t-shirt, hat and gloves you barely notice it, especially after the first mile.