A New Running Thread for 2018


Got a new pair of Brooks GTS18s to break in and a half to run next month. Am I starting the new year with a run? Am I balls. Couple of days off and back on it before the weekend.

Aiming to cover 1000km plus this year after a dip in 2017.

What about choo?


Just signed up for this so need to start getting some fast runs in. Did it in 98 mins last year so the aim is to get under 95. Feeling slow at the moment though. Might try to lose a couple of kg.


Anyone else got any events coming up?


Yesterday’s 10mile run went well, in the circumstances. 1h23m, so slower than last year, but given the drop off in training and being under the weather at the start of the week, I wasn’t expecting a PB. The run was lovely, albeit a bit windy up on top of the hills. The organisers and marshalls were brilliant. I think the winner got around in about 53minutes, which can’t be far off a course record. I’ll definitely be signing up again for next year, and if anyone wants an event at that time of year then I can recommend it for those who find themselves between say North London and Cambridge over Christmas.

For this year, I’ve got the Big Half in March, Hackney Half in May and Ealing Half in September, plus the Blenheim Triathlon in June. I’d like to keep things ticking over at about 30km a week, if I can, which is running home twice a week and a recovery run after hockey on a Sunday.


C25K begins today in earnest. Ran 10k two years ago, doubt i could run for 10 minutes now.


Went out and did parkrun this morning. It was VERY wet and muddy and I didn’t enjoy it. I was actually up and awake in time to do the double (first one being at Maidstone at 8.30), but really couldn’t be bothered. I was secretly hoping the missus was going to say she wasn’t up for doing the 10.30, but sadly she let me down :joy::joy:


Doing my first marathon in April, need to get training and try to attend park run more regularly.


Good luck! Which one are you doing?


Brighton simply for the same of convience. I finished my first half in October in 1.46 and I’m trying not to have any goals for this one but it’d be nice to finish in under 4 hours. If all goes to plan I’ll sign up for another in the autumn and have a set goal.


Good luck with that. I’ve still got no grand desire to do a marathon, but have a couple more halves booked up for the spring.


Nice, I think @brainfeeder did Brighton last year.


Nothing booked yet but pencilled in Blackpool half (feb), Sheffield half (april) and Edinburgh marathon (may). Not sure I’ll be able to commit to training as much as last year cause bike riding is fun but would like to get a 1:35 half


First (very easy) run down :muscle:


Not quite the same level but I’d barely done any running (bar a couple of 10k races) for three years till I started again last February. The first few 5ks I did were horrible. I couldn’t even run them without stopping. Just keep plugging away and you’ll get there. I did a half at the start of April and my first full marathon in October. Not to say they are reasonable goals for anyone else but just shows how quickly you can pick these things up if you stick with it through those horrible first few months.

Don’t really have any running goals for this year. Think I’m going to concentrate on my cycling. I think a sub 40, 10km and sub 90 half are easily achievable goals but not sure if I have the motivation to put the training in as I find road running incredibly boring. Might try do some more trail stuff to keep the legs ticking over in case I get the urge to enter any races.


Think I am gonna sign up for the Edinburgh marathon in May, but apart from that I have no ideas.

Would like to go and do a half in another country but need to look into it properly.


I’ve signed up for a 10k later this year, which might be small fry for you hardcore runners but is pretty scary for me. I’ve been chipping away at Couch 2 5k for an embarassing amount of time though and need a deadline to work to. I haven’t been for a run since before xmas and I’m not looking forward to getting back out after all the ritual organ abuse I’ve been indulging in since then.


I need to sign up for a half marathon but hackney half doesn’t suit my hols etc.

Started off today with a gentle 6km run. I have a Fitbit now which I’m so into keeping an eye on time, pace and heart rate, not bothered about calories.

I have to buy new trainers soon. I don’t particularly want to try new trainers cause I like my ones so I may have to just buy the same pair again which is boring.

Let’s run!!!


Yeah, I find it really useful to be able to check pace. I’ve never used a heart rate monitor, do you aim for a specific bpm?


Well I’m still to do a bit of investigation work on bpm and what I should be aiming for cause right now I’m like “oh that’s high so must be good” but no idea what I’m actually looking at???


If you know your resting heart rate you can use that and your age to work out various hr zones which can then give guides for runs (so a recovery run you might run in some 2 rather than caring about your speed). Calculator here https://www.heartmonitors.com/blogs/news/38044801-heart-rate-training-zone-calculator


I wrote a load of stuff on HRM training here - others said some.bjts above and below this post which are worth a look too. What I’ve said worked really well for me a while back, but obviously your own experience may be different.