A New Running Thread for 2018


This is my routine, only mine’s worse:
run, cool down at desk while eating lunch, THEN shower. Lucky no-one sits toooo close to me.

I’ve got a lovely harbour-side route, but can’t run at the moment because we’re in a new building that is still under construction and don’t have showers yet. IRKED.


Hugely irksome


Did anyone else read this? So much to identify with!


Woah. One for @crisps


That’s ridiculous


“Morning run” https://www.strava.com/activities/1690134887

Beyond incredible. Hardly anyone’s got near Billy B’s long-standing record and he’s absolutely smashed it. Could see this never being broken.

In related incredibleness, I supported a few Germans on a BG leg recently and one of them was a serious ultra runner. He holds the record for a 200 mile (TWO HUNDRED MILES) race in 46h something. As in he ran 200 miles in less than 48 hours. Hard to understand how that is possible.




Yep. Slightly contro for some though as she didn’t do 2 ‘rounds’ (did half, turned round and did a full round, turned back and did another half) and it wasn’t within 48hrs. Seems a bit mean spirited as the whole undertaking is an absolute sufferfest, especially in super hot conditions.


Not quite on the same level as the previous two examples, but I’ve got my trail ultra tomorrow. 630am start my time (730pm UK I think). My PB for the course is 10 hours flat, so just hoping to beat that. Good thoughts being sent my way would be appreciated.


Woah. Very best of luck. And enjoy it, if such a thing is possible. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. It will be fun for a while, probably not fun by the end. I’ll know some of the volunteers and marshalls, which will be nice. Plus I know 7-8 of the entrants to speak to, so the first half will be chatty and matey and the second half will be wanting to die :D.


Good luck @infinite_jest, that sounds utterly bonkers to me


I like the reward for beating the course record.

Flogged yourself to bits beating the course record? Do it again every year for the rest of your life!


Made it! Few dodgy moments - was getting a lot of nausea about 2/3 in, but managed to get past it - might have been because it was quite sunny (I’m a bit sunburned).

Really happy how I managed it, started very slow rather than busting myself out by halfway like I did last time. Meant I made really good time on the second half, and actually finished by running up hills. I finished in a slightly irksome 10:00:21 - 21 seconds over ten hours. If I hadn’t got confused near the end and doubled back thinking I was on the wrong course, I would have beaten my best time.

Came home, ate fish and chips, drank beer, had bath. About to fall into bed.


:open_mouth: Incredible stuff, mate.



Hello again :wave:

I would like to start running again to keep fit. I have said this many times before. I went for a wee jog yesterday and one again today - we’re talking about 4km in 30 min. Mostly enjoyed it.

I have a problem though. I have put on about 15kg since I was last running properly and I have noticed that my my thighs (very top) rub together when I run now. It’s freaking painful and sore and prevents me from actually running like I could. What can I do about this (apart from the obvious lose weight)? Are there any special shorts I could buy? Or would a chafing stick/cream work? I’m squeezing into the same shorts I used to wear… maybe I just need a new pair? Don’t want to spend hella bunce though.

Runners of DiS, I’m counting on your knowledge and experience! :slight_smile:


It will get better, the more you run, but that doesn’t stop it hurting now.

You could use Bodyglide (or whatever the equivalent is over there), or wear 2-in-1 lined shorts where the lining covers and hugs your thighs like cycle shorts.


Yeah, +1 for lightweight inner-lined fairly snug-fitting shorts with minimal loose material flapping about.


Decathlon is your friend here. Their pants, shorts, socks and shirts are all great. don’t get the absolute bottom of the range stuff, but the mid range stuff is really cheap compared to brands, and similar quality


Wow, just had a quick look on their website, looks pretty good, thanks for the tip! Want some cycling shorts as well so I think I might make the trip tomorrow after work. Thanks! Also @marckee and @TheWza