A New Running Thread for 2018


Probably a stupid q but there’s a running shop local where they get you to run on a machine to sell you trainers.

I don’t really do running and likely won’t start but I do walk a chunk to work and my feet are aching. I think it’s my new Converse are less cushioning than my old ones (which were discontinued Chuck Taylor IIs).

Basically if I buy shoes ftom there are they likely to also make walking about (often quite strenuously) easier too?


Possibly, but Orthotics would be better really.


Is that a brand of shoe?

I mean I would like to start running but I am just thinking to kill two birds with one stone


Orthotics are custom made insoles. That said, if you’re considering starting to run, yes, get yourself to a shop and on the treadmill and see if a running shoe helps.

I wear converse myself all the time and they offer fuck all in the way of arch support, which is why I suggested the orthotic route, but it may not be necessary if you’re considering a running shoe for other reasons as well.


Okay thanks a lot


Just as an alternative viewpoint, I’d be very wary of insoles and trainers designed to correct your body’s natural set up. For most people neutral trainers will be absolutely fine and likely lead to less injuries (start messing with your feet and the problems move up your legs as your natural gait is being artificially altered).

Loads of people would be absolutely fine without the £100+ pair of correctional shoes they wear, but there’s a multi-billion $ industry whose focus is convincing runners they need them.

As noted upthread, one of the worse things is big, cushioned heels. They promote heel-striking, which is not what you want. Trying running a few strides barefoot or jump off a couple of steps barefoot. You soon see/feel how your feet/legs run and absorb impact naturally. Anything that steers you away from that has the potential to make you less efficient and promote injury, imqhho.


Okay cheers. Interesting


Did the Royal Parks half marathon yesterday. What a bloody lovely race that is! Not my best time (1:58:14), but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Gets a little congested at times, especially during the last 3 miles as lots of runners are really tiring, but it’s wonderfully scenic and there’s amazing support the whole way 'round.

Will definitely try and get in again next year.


Looking at the Barcelona marathon in march. Seems to tick the boxes of city, weather, route and possibly seeing Lionel Messi play football. Anyone done it before?


Decided I’m going to enter the Brighton Marathon next year. Feel that 2019 is the year of my first (only?!?!) marathon.


Gone for it. 9th of March. Aiming for sub - 3:20. Lots of running in minging weather required :muscle:


It’s too cold to go running in the mornings now :frowning:


Think we need a winter running clobber subthread. In the market for stuff, got some Nike tights and they’re the best running tights I’ve used by miles


I got myself a new pair of Ron Hill gloves the other day. They’re great.

Other than that, I just wear a t-shirt and shorts.

It’s never been cold enough for me to wear a jacket or long-sleeved top.


My Ron Hills were good but fell apart pretty quickly (might just be because my fat hands and stubby fingers make glove buying a minefield though)


Went out in t shirt, tights and a neck buff on Sunday, got caught in a hailstorm out of nowhere near Redmires with 8k still to run. I am now ill.


I like running in the cold.


It’s not necessarily the outdoors that bothers me, it’s the getting out of bed. Just so bleak getting up at 6:20 when it’s pitch black and freezing.

But my mental health has been noticeably worse this week :roll_eyes:


oh yeah it’s definitely harder to get out. And I only like cold, not rain, I’m not insane. For me it’s the battle with the shorts - once they’re on, I can’t wuss out


Last marathon training (will do it this time too) I got into a routine where, for morning runs, I’d leave my phone the other side of the room under my running gear so I had to go there to turn the alarm off, and for evening runs I’d leave my running gear by the front door so it was right in front of me when I got in.
Never gone for a run and regretted it, but getting out the door is sometimes a struggle