A New Running Thread for 2021, but early

in all serious though i use it quite a bit, i’ve a four year old phone and probably too impatient for the gps to properly connect. not sure about setting to private, but it’s definitely helped me keep on track of accurate PBs

I’ve just gone through my PBs and stripped out all those done during a three month period where I had to use my phone.

RIP fast times.

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Been running a few 5ks recently (about one every five days or so) and have noticed that it has knackered my knees. They feel okay on the run itself but tend to ache for most of the week afterwards.

Different people are telling me different things for what the cause could be. Some say form, some say I need to bend my knees more (I’m 6ft 4’’) and others say its my shoes. Any of you experienced runners got any wisdom to share?

I run on pavements, which may also add to the issue.


Shoes probably! My knees started hurting recently too but only cause my shoes were so worn out. Got new shoes and it doesn’t seem to be an issue just yet (although only done 2 runs this week)

My shoes are new! But maybe just not very good? I’ve got these.

Mine have been a bit iffy the past year or so, pretty sure it’s because I’m doing barely any walking in my day to day life anymore :frowning: So basically muscle imbalances. Found doing some squats (unweighted is fine) and lunges on off days & also as part of my warm up helps a lot.

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Might be worth icing your knees when they’re sore (bag of peas or whatever in a tea towel) and have a few weeks of running shorter distances but more frequently (like every other day) to condition your legs. I wouldn’t worry about your shoes, but some stretching and strengthening is always good.

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So the Hackney Half has been postponed to September 26th, which is the same date as the Ealing Half.

We’ll be doing the latter, but it seems like an almost deliberate spiking attempt.

Oh. Well I guess I’ll just keep training and do my own half in May as I’m on track!

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Managed back to back decent runs on Tuesday and Wednesday with no calf issues. First time since mid-December. Surprisingly felt like fitness maybe hasn’t dropped too much, but suspect muscles and joints might be further behind.

Have had the most eventful month in all my years of running. Firstly I had a funny but ultimately rather gory injury where I whacked the top of my head against a road sign. This left me needing eight stitches and left me with a kind of monk’s hair-do where they have cut all the hair off. Some people saw it happen and helped me out. I said to them that I would hope to do the same thing if I had seen something like that happen.

I didn’t have to wait long. Last week I found a woman lying unconscious down a footpath whilst out running. I managed to find someone nearby with a phone and eventually an ambulance turned up and took her to the hospital. Thankfully by this point she was talking to the Paramedics.

I’m hoping the next month will be relatively normal running-wise.

Felt some pain in my groin on Monday’s run (I think from bunched grundies, first day out of tights, or at least adjusting gait for bunched grundies.) , still there on Tuesday and Wednesday’s. Had to jack it in after 1k on Thursday. Then just went for a couple of walks and laid off. Tried to go again today but couldn’t get further than 20 metres. FUCK!!!

I’ve got new shoes and compression pants to try out too…

the snow has finally melted and i might be able to start running regularly again, very happy about this. going to try to knock off a bit of weight which i think is holding me back a bit (nothing silly, am at the top end of the ‘normal’ BMI category and am presuming i’ll be able to go further if i’m a bit lighter). considering ramping up to a marathon, if the spring goes well.

fuck! to both!

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First run in months as the snow has melted and I’ve moved house so that shit is out the way.

Terrible time, terrible distance, feel fucking great.


On 435km for the year so far :muscle:

I’m on 2.93km for the year so far :man_dancing:


I’m on 448 but haven’t been able to go for over a week and it’s fucking killing me!

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  1. Eat my ass @Balonz
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