A New Running Thread for 2021, but early

Cheers gents. I’m running about 50k p/w at present, a half is the furthest I’ve ran - though I’ve done 4 in the last 3 months. Sometimes get to the end of those though and think, fuck, I couldn’t do another one of them straight away. I’m not bringing water out on them, which I’m guessing is a mistake.

I’m plenty committed so will have a look online for plans. My biggest issue is I may have to move house soon to an area I wouldn’t be cool with running around which would be shit.

I’ll look into cadence too, but I generally have two speed 5min/k fast, 6 min/k slow.

Meant to be 55mph gusts when I’m due to run tomorrow

  • Fine
  • Too windy

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50k/w is a very good base. You’ll probably be alright with a 16-week training plan in that case.

When you’re training for a marathon you’ll need to find a drink and food routine that works for you.

On long, slow runs I drink 250ml/8k, and will drop a tablet of electrolytes in there if I’m running more than 20k. I have two energy blocks if I’m going over half a marathon distance as well.

Most marathon training plans will have you running around 75-80% of your mileage at a slow pace, so that is a good opportunity to try and increase your cadence.

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Here’s a small strava tidbit of mine

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Reckon this applies to any length of run. Like when you first do 5km the jump to 10km seems massive, but as you start to increase your longer runs your mind kind of recalibrates the relative distances. Plus I think, particularly in road running, there’s a tendency to get really hung up on specific distances, so it feels like a huge jump from 21km to 42km, but they’re just arbitrary numbers. Once you go past 21km and incrementally build up, 42’s just another step along the way.

Re. food and drink, defo good advice to experiment in training and find what works for you. I find gels the best thing to get down if I’m working relatively hard, and for a marathon I’d probably want one every 8km. I’d keep fluids to a swig or two of electrolyte with each gel unless it was particularly warm.

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This is totally a mental thing though - you’re preparing yourself mentally to run a half, so all your mental focus is on that. If you were going out to do a 15 miler, then your focus is on that, and getting past the 13.1 marker doesn’t really matter. It’s all about how you focus yourself. Speaking from experience, that is, having thought exactly the same when doing 1/2s, and then in my first marathon training plan when I got beyond 13.1 miles it was a revelation that it wasn’t the hell that I figured it would be.

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So I bought a (seemingly unused) second hand GPS watch from eBay. Tbh accuracy doesn’t really seem to have improved but it is nice not having to carry a phone.

This is quite annoying though. Why would there be discrepancies? (Same run recorded on watch then synced with Strava)

Strava discounts the time that you are stationary, which means that your average speed will be faster etc.

And make sure that you have the same weight in your profile for both apps - that’ll account for the Kcal difference probably

fly went up my nose today :pensive:

Talk to me about half marathons please. On Thursday I tried to run 10k for the first time and did so, then after being in a fair bit of pain yesterday I rather stupidly ran a slower 14k today.

The Manchester half marathon is in September so thinking of doing that, and I guess I would need to follow a training plan of some sort to build up to that distance? I know nothing about any of this.

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If you can run a 10k now you’ll be absolutely fine to run a half in september. There are loads of plans and it’s about finding one that works for you in terms of daily routine and what load your body is comfortable with.

Generally the rule is one long run per week, and don’t increase it by more than 10% at a time. So if your current longest run is 14k, don’t run that distance during the week then push it out to 15.5 next weekend and so on. And always run your long runs slowly.

You may want to think about energy gels/blocks once you start getting to 90 minute plus runs, but they’re not essential for a half marathon so it’s again personal preference

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Okay, thanks. Weirdly my stamina/being out of breath doesn’t seem to have bothered me with longer runs like I expected, maybe due to the slower pace. It’s just niggling injuries like hips and groin and knees hurting that were more annoying. Maybe I’ll stick to faster 5ks through the week and do a longer run at the weekend at a slower pace like you say.

I’m back running again!

Build back to to 5ks at the moment (going to do about a month just doing that before maybe upping the distance a bit)

Just trying not to get injured again :grinning:
Have missed it ! Love a little run!

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If you can run a 5K then your stamina/breathing will be fine for any distance.

The limiting factor will be the conditioning of your body to avoid injuries, and to allow you to recover afterwards without needing to take several days out due to fatigue.

A training plan will build you up in the correct way to be able to do that. It’ll mix up long slow runs, short interval runs, medium distance tempo runs, short very slow recovery runs and rest days.

As a rule of thumb you should run 80% of your weekly mileage at a slow or very slow pace, and you shouldn’t increase your weekly mileage or the distance of your weekly long run by more than 5-10% each week.


I’m on track to do a total of just over 100k for the month which I’m really chuffed about. I think it’s about the maximum I can comfortably achieve in a month without having to do longer distances mid week and going more often at weekends when I’d rather rest after a stressful week of work. I am really keen at some stage to push myself up to a half marathon distance and maybe do a race this year though. I think it’s probably within my reach given the max distances I can currently do, but otherwise I’m quite content with the balance I’ve found.


Hi! I’m currently on a half marathon training plan with my garmin watch so can’t find it online to share as I’m assuming they want you to buy the watch!

I’m currently on week 14 of 15 so my half marathon is due for the 10th which I’ll just give a go.

It goes something like this every week:
Tuesday - sprints (warm up jog for 15 mins, 10 x sprint for 20s, rest for 45s, cool down jog for 15) - this never changes
Thursday - progression run (this is done by time and has gradually increased over the course but is no longer than an hour which is 10km for me)
Saturday - the long run. (This stayed steady at about an hour for the first few weeks then every week it increased up by 5/10 mins until the max time was an 1hr 40 which got me to about 16/17km.

And that’s it, 3 runs a week and it’s worked! I’m able to run 17km without a problem if I pace myself correctly and last time I did the long one I was like “hmm could easily do 5km more now”. I am now tapering down so just a couple of light runs and a few more sprint sessions.

One thing that has massively changed it for me which I wasn’t doing before was a 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. I used to think it was bullshit and warm up as I go but I’ve found dedicating that 5 mins to warm up has changed how my runs have actually gone. I also much prefer to work in time rather than distances as I feel it seems more achievable to me. I’m quite lucky that my watch guides me to do that on every run.

Good luck! It’s fun when you get into it!


I’m up to 28 mins on couch to 5k, it’s going fairly well but have a nagging pain in my left leg/shin

I broke my ankle a few years ago and still have the metal bolt inside

not sure if it’s anything to do with my ankle or if my gait has changed in order to protect it…anyhow I seem to get a pain around the shin if I push it too hard

really annoying because I otherwise feel fine


just did a slow run which i have never done before - fucking hell, found it near impossible to stay in zone 2 of heart rate!!! dont think i could have gone any slower :slight_smile:

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Hello! Thank you (and @marckee) this is really useful. Not usually a warmer upper but maybe I should start.

Good luck for yours too!


Just checking in to say I completed my half marathon on Tuesday (on my lonesome but with bf for support on the final 3km) in 2:10! I’m pretty chuffed with that for my first ever half tbh.

I was fine up until that final 2 or 3km and then my legs were just dead. It was pretty cold and windy and it’s hilly where I live so imagine I could get that a tiny bit quicker when I do the Hackney half later in the year

Also managed a PB on my 10km during it which made it 58:55! Now I’m straight on a plan to do my 10km in under 56mins…

This time last year I HATED running but have been incredibly consistent for an entire year and it’s really paid off so keep at it if you’re just starting out as one day you will be like “yeah okay I’m into this”