A New Running Thread for 2021, but early



Got a race on Saturday, which will be odd/good. Fairly small field with a couple of people starting every minute for just over an hour. I’m off fairly late so hoping it’ll be a nice little incentive to have others to catch up. Weather forecast is basically mid-winter.

I got an email yesterday saying that junior parkrun is going to be restarting soon. I wonder if Jimbo will make it round the whole course without giving up now that he’s a year older than last time he did it?

I’m signed up for the Manchester marathon so will be getting on the bloody ales with @tuna and the rest of the dis manc marathon gang after


reckon you’ll be 3 pints deep by the time I finish

I’ll be 3 pints deep by the time I finish. Decant some craft into a lucozade bottle

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Got my 10k PB down by about 3 minutes to 55:32 on Sunday - 14 odd laps of Emirates Stadium wasn’t the most interesting route but it’s the only vaguely flat, traffic free space nearby!


Do you think it’ll happen? It’s my first ever one, if it goes ahead.

I’d be pretty confident it will go ahead. It’s outdoors and it’s October. So almost 4 months after things should be opening up. Good luck

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No way I’m entering but I’ll give you cold ones on the route and drink some beers after

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Oooh might take the Monday off work and have a big Sunday sesh


Just knocked up a running plan to hopefully take part in the Olympic Park 10K on July 3rd. Currently down at 4 runs a week but might take it down to 3 and add an additional rest day as I am so injury prone.

Feeling really positive about it even though it’s at least a 50/50 that I’ll be injured at the time. Been really enjoying getting back in to form the last month.