A New Running Thread for 2021, but early

I’m well into my charity challenge now. I’m on to the final peak of the 8, but this one’s the highest in the solar system so it’s going to be another few weeks of pain and anguish… I’ve raised a fair bit for charity though so all good!


New Backyard Ultra record has been set

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And Hassan’s two-day old 10,000m world record is broken by Gidey

I missed this. Looks like that was ‘spikes assisted’ as well

So excited for a nice cool rainy run tomorrow its been a bit much the last two weeks

Oh god the heat hasn’t actually broken and its just really really humid. That was so unpleasant.

After years of running by myself, I’ve properly joined a running club and it’s brilliant. Even after just three weeks I feel like I’m pushing myself and doing structured training I would never do alone, and the social side is good fun too. Really looking forward to seeing if and how much I can improve :running_woman:


Have my name down for the virtual London Marathon in October. Have just found out that the council are closing the bridge that’s right along the route I was planning to run. Going to have to find somewhere else to run now! Cheers council :rage:

Just done it!

Yeah, I’ve been following it all week, incredible stuff. Just seen some stats that she only had about 15hrs rest since 0700 last Friday, of which about 6hrs was proper sleep. By comparison the previous record holder had 37hrs of rest across the 6 days 6hrs. It’s 1) absolutely mind-boggling how someone can push themselves so hard for so long with so little rest, and 2) an indication that in these super long (and slow) records the real crux is how little rest you can take and still be able to move forward.

Rumour is John Kelly (of ‘Grand Round’ and Pennine Way record fame) is going to have a pop later this summer, which would be very interesting.

I’ve got another ankle tendon injury. :frowning: Might pack it all in and eat chips.