A New Running Thread for 2021, but early

Might stay the bad side of the pennines for the night so I can have 8-10 pints

The problem with the wrist heart rate monitor on my watch is that it often picks up my cadence instead of my pulse so it’s reading in the 160s instead of 140s. If it didn’t do that I reckon it would be about as accurate as my chest strap hrm

Sacked off running outside due to the heat this week so marathon training took place on the treadmill instead. Fine for intervals, not so much for the 105 minute Sunday run.

Passed the 1000km mark for the year on a 28km run today. Absolutely goosed


Went on a long run today to try and find a footpath through some fields that I’d seen on a map. Ran all the way there and the public footpath sign was missing and it was all covered with brambles and completely impassable.

Grassed them up on the ramblers website.

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It looked to belong to the estate of a big posh country house, so I won’t lose any sleep over my grassing up