A New Running Thread for 2021, but early

No you don’t have a screenshot? :laughing:


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First run this year the other day and I’ve been a wee bit sore for the last few days - only had just over a week off due to snow.

Might have to go one in the rain this afternoon cause there’s an Amber snow warning. Not sure it’ll be an enjoyable experience.

It was time per km not average speed. Thanks for playing everyone!

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I don’t understand, 150 per km? 150 seconds?

12km/hr is the same as 5min/km, so something like that, I guess.

Did some fancy foot/stance analysis (including 3D modelling) and it turns out I should wear women’s running shoes as my foot is narrow. Probably the most money I’ve thrown at shoes (although the bar is very low).


Frustrating running at the weekend at the moment isn’t it? Everywhere is so busy. It’s fair enough - there’s literally nothing for anyone to do but go for enormous weekend strolls with their immediate family, but I wanna do big runs and it’s very much stopping and starting and dodging and getting cross

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It’s not too busy around here but my issue is that I run without specs and can’t be fucked to put lenses in and I can’t tell if people are coming towards me or away from me until I get reasonably close.

I don’t mind if people are out for a walk, but it is a bit annoying when they spread out in a group across the whole path and refuse to tuck in when people are trying to get by. It’s just a bit of common sense and the awareness that they are not the only people in the world.

Also the cars everywhere making the entrances to parks fume-filled and dangerous, and chewing up the vegetation.

I don’t mind the stopping and dodging at the moment. Feeling utterly drained and am welcome of the breather :joy::joy:

14 slow miles in the bag today. Absolutely hanging by the end of it.


Aimed for a 21k yesterday and managed 17 before my legs just couldn’t move. Really upset me actually. Dunno what happened.

I went out for a 10km this morning at 10:30 and the park was so rammed!! Could barely get around so did most on the pavements which is so shit!

Turned out a half marathon pb today. Think kicking the fags and doing loads of trail running have made me faster, shockingly enough


Did 5k today. First run in a month. The ice, Christmas laziness, a sore back and a massively increasing sense of cba was putting me off. Glad I went out, but need to now sort a plan/ schedule/ routine.

Turns out am not very good at pushing myself when I’ve not got owt to train for immediately

It is a bit annoying when you go to the park and runners get way too close, completely ignoring any social distancing.

These are extraordinary times - and it’s not just runners, it’s cyclists, and other people - but the number of runners who came up behind us yesterday wound me right up. Just because you can run doesn’t mean that people should be moving out your way to allow you to do so. Feels a bit entitled to me.

I know we’ve done this but…

It’s also frustrating when you are running and a sprawling group (hell, even a couple) cannot countenance making room so you may run past them with ease, and at a safe distance

It’s healthier to see this ‘conflict’ as people versus people, rather than runners, cyclists, pedestrians etc

There’s nothing special about any group that means they’re incapable making room for others

We’ve all got a duty of care to each other and a great many people are trying their hardest


It’s usually one person (runner) vs several people (walkers). It’s not entitled to just be able to use the park without a whole family taking up all the space and refusing to move over a bit or go in single file. You cannot complain about runners being too near you if you’re spread across the whole path!

Along the same lines, I’m still getting very confused at the amount of people risking their lives in other ways to avoid me. I’ve seen older people almost get hit by cars cause they’re jumping out of the way! You’re more likely to get hit by a car I reckon. Then huffing that I didn’t say thanks. I didn’t ask you to jump into the road?! You jumped into the road to protect yourself, not me!

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This morning on my run a woman squashed herself into a hedge when she saw me running towards her. I was still a good five or six metres away and I was planning to step into the road to give her the entire pavement to herself, but OK, she wanted to smush the hedge I guess. At least now she can go on local social media and complain about how she was forced into a hedge on her daily walk and all runners are selfish.

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Overtook a horse on my run last Friday.

Doesn’t matter how slow it was going, it gave me a massive energy boost.

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