A New Running Thread for 2021

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I’m 10 days into my aim of running 5k+ everyday until christmas.

Also going to try to work back down to a 5k PB before the end of the year. Got to knock 50-odd seconds off my effort last saturday, but that was very rusty

I’m on day 9 of running 5km every day (haven’t done todays yet!). Well I don’t set out to do 5km every day but I go “I’m just gonna do a little 2-3km” and then at 3km I get a bit carried away and can finish up to 5km. The first couple days my legs were SORE and tired but then the last 3 days it’s been feeling a lot easier/normal/non-effort and I even managed to get a PB yesterday on day 8 of running which is weird! Still can’t get over it. 27:38!! TWENTY SEVEN!!!
Doubt i’ll do 5km every single day but i think for me, setting out with an intention of doing a 10 min run at least every day is good.


Ladies especially: I’d also really rate my running light. I’ve only been out in the dark a handful of times with it but as dark for me means pavement running only, it’s helped me be a bit more confident in my steps as I do have a small fear of tripping over a wonky pavement and knocking my teeth out. Also helps me feel more confident crossing roads as i’m now seen when before I wasn’t (I wear all black).

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haven’t been running for ages but got some new, cheapish shoes.


the soles are really slippy on wet ground and leaves etc, what is that all about?!?

Very weird for a ‘trail shoe’.

Got mine out for the first time in months for a big muddy half marathon last saturday. Forgot how much fun and hard work a long muddy run is

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are they going to wear in do you think are are they just shite? it’s mostly this front bit that slips, but that’s where i put my foot down and need the stability…

luckily I am not planning to go running any time soon because i don’t really like running apart from parkrun.

Dunno, I’ve only had one pair of trail shoes but can’t see how the tread would need to wear in. @marckee may know more about this sort of thing than me

@crisps is the person you want to speak to about trail running - I just run in road shoes.

Started running again around July this year.

I used to do about three 10K each week a few years ago. Knackered my knees and legs out. I now do one 5k each week. Enjoy it. I’ll continue.

Thankfully, I don’t have any mental health issues currently but find a really nice mental boost after my run. I’m no expert in anything but would recommend outdoor exercise to anyone no matter what your running ability.

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Also on trying to run a 5k every week book.

Successfully completed week 1!

Just wish i didnt find running so boring.

Have you tried listening to audiobooks? That is what I do and never get bored (unless the book is boring).

In line with last year I’ve been knackered up again, back then calf then glutes. I’m now working my way steadily back in with 5k runs for now and I can get back in the gym now they are open again.

I was hoping to get to 1600km for the year, I’m 271 short so gonna fall short, not a good idea to try and chase it down now, but still more than I’ve ever run in any one year.

Marathon training to resume in December after the 2020 'port marathon was canned, hopefully they’ll be no storms like Clara and Dennis to train in this time round.

I have not: I don’t get on well with running with headphones - ear buds fall out my ears easily. Any suggestions?

Do you have foam tips? Mine are pretty solidly in there with them on.

those ones just fall straight out. Suspect I have weird shaped ear holes.

Does sound pretty weird for trail shoes, and NB generally have a decent rep. Wet leaves on pavement can be pretty sketchy as shoes will grip the leaves but the leaves can move on top of the ground, so can be quite slippy regardless of shoe grip. And when you say “wet ground”, what do you mean? Wet rock can be horrible to run on, especially limestone, you’d slip in pretty much anything. If you’re talking mud/grass kinda stuff, you should grip ok so long as your studs are deeper than the wet stuff you’re running on.

It might help to try to land more of your foot down to maximise the grippy surface. If you’re up on your toes I guess it’s more likely you’ll lose your footing.

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I have these earphones and the little hooks help eep them in

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Interesting… I’ll investigate these. Thanks!