A New Running Thread for 2021

best earphones i’ve had I think.
wired ones always break quickly for me and I’m the kind of person who would lose bluetooth ones but I haven’t lost them yet

would need one on each shoulder I guess

I have the Airshoks or whatever they’re called, bone conductors, they’re great.

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just normal tarmac! and some paving stones. No actually trails around here, i’d only be on grass in the park if anything.

Currently 37 miles away from hitting my target of 500 miles this year. Most I’ve ever done by about 150 miles.

Ah, ok. Yeah, trail shoes won’t really help with grip then, less surface area coming in to contact with the ground. You’ll probably find road shoes more grippy.

Might just be me, but I find that landing heel first is when you’re most likely to slip. On my toes with my weight forward makes it easier to control.

It’s probably to do with where your weight is relative to your foot-strike, so whatever works for the individual I guess.

How loud are these? Considering them next.

I mostly have podcasts on when running. They’re totally fine from a volume PoV, aside from when I’m next to a busy road (i.e., traffic at 50mph). Had them about 18 months now, really pleased with them

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I’ve decreased my mileage this year without any organised runs to do (still average about 30 miles a week, but in the past I have been in the 40/50 range). Unsure what I want to aim for next year, if organised runs even start up again.

Got quite back into running since the weather started getting bad, and doing circuits type stuff in my back garden or the park was unappealing - only do 5 or 10km, and have a nice flat route next to a river that only requires crossing one or two roads.

Rejoined Strava, mostly to annoy my ultra competitive brother in law - 21:13 5K prompted him to text me and ask if I had tracked it properly :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:

Now it’s winter, you could get a little headband ear cover? Keeps the headphones in.

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Plus thewarn would look super cute.


Anyone got any advice with how to prevent lower back pain? Felt fine during my jog the other day but since then my lower back has been really quite sore.

I assume it’s just because my core (and leg muscles) are weak but wondered if there could be anything else I’m doing wrong.


In non-lockdown times I find alternating running with some swimming or yoga really helps, as I was struggling with back pain a lot when all I did was running. I absolutely hate swimming and yoga mind you.

Oh and I do stretch a lot before and after running and am convinced it helps though I know a lot of runners who don’t stretch at all and are fine!

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My sleeve keeps pausing and finishing my runs on my Fitbit!!!

Any recommendations for a reasonable running watch that doesn’t do this?

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I run with my phone in my hand and my sweat droplets have done this many times before - infuriating! The TV uses a Garmin Vivo Active 4 and hasn’t had that issue as it has a physical button to pause/stop runs (not a touchscreen).

Yer man Kilian Jornet has just started an attempt on the 24hr track world record (currently 303.5km/188.6m). In Norway. In winter. Looks like they’ve had to clear a bit of snow off the track. He did a little tester back in August: 85km on a 400m track, just under 6hrs, 4:13/km. Live stream here: https://www.salomon.com/en-gb/kj-phantasm24?cmpid=os_phantasm24

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Very excitingly they’ve just changed direction (every 4hrs). KJ through his first marathon in 3h3m. It’ll be dark soon, temperature already sub-zero.

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