A new thread in which we only used the dictate Road on our phones or other devices to send posts

Hello all. I have started using the dictate mode regularly as part of my work. After a while, my wrists get rather tired yes I know save it for Thursday, and I end up just talking into my laptop. As it turns out, I think Google is better at this then Microsoft is is, save for a few you interesting mistakes.

I have even worked out how to use punctuation and create new lines! Gomi.

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I just say full stop quickly and aggressively and google knows what’s up and punctuates, which I like

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I have inadvertently cheated, and use the normal typing function to type out my last post but this type of completely done as my microphone and I hope that it is good.

Edit: it is not

Okay HelloPlease Are you Do you Space I got my finger over the button Okay Yeah

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Hi I’m not sure if this is working. I’ll call it does work. Oh no it doesn’t. Fuck this. Sad smiley reply delete no delete that Lister


Oh hang on i missunderstood, let me work out what to do

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Alright, Kryten

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how to stick tape work

why do I feel so self-conscious talking to my phone


‘lister’ is me saying ‘listo’ to try and post the message (my phone is in spanish)

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Hello I don’t know what to type and by typing same hour is working and see how it’s gone. Line didn’t go so well

And this is why I still have a job, because even one person talking in a room to a device that could listen to them every day can’t dictate properly

That sounds really smug, I’m obviously fucking terrified of automation, please don’t take my job robots

Hello how does this thing work how do you actually get it to post

Maybe you could build the robots to take your job and then they’d still pay you because you’d have the dictation robot patents.

Ok I think I’ve got the hang of it I’m just going to talk really quickly to try and trick Google and did not understand what I’m saying that I think it works alright

Sadly one of my clients has already built a dictation robot, and therefore every job I do for them helps to train that robot. Happily, the robot is still shit (I know this because part of the machine learning is releasing transcripts that the robot has done and having typists correct them, and oh boy it is shit, shit, shit for now).

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Ok but what if I want to (type something in) closed (fuckinghell I can’t believe that worked

ah maybe not

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Can a type uppercase hello work case

It doesn’t really work all that well with Scottish accents.

Oh it showed me, it showed me good. AI prick.