A new title for the review of Van Morrison’s new album

I’m enjoying Alexis Petridis’s review of Van’s new anti-lockdown album, but I feel the title of the review is a missed opportunity.

I’ll start: Loondance


Into the Piss-take

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This is the man who wrote Astral weeks. How

He was always a horrible man. He just had a run of making lovely records. But that was a very very long time ago


I feel we’re getting away from the task of coming up with a good title for the review and into general discussion about how much of a dick Van Morrison is these days.

Inarticulate Speech of the Idiot
Have We Told You Lately That We Hate You?
Here Comes the Nut

The two singles he’s released on the new album sound pretty good to me. I rarely listen to lyrics.

Never topped this


Shit Morrison

Obviously you can be a genius artist yet still have questionable views.

I point you in the direction of Richard Wagner.

Sure. Plumbing new depths of idiocy here really though aren’t we.

Anyway: back on topic,

Listen to the lion (wear a mask)

I agree with this, and often fight this corner (forlornly) in HGATR threads. Van has crossed the line though, because he has made his dodgy views the actual content of this music. That is surely different.





It’s Bedshitters’ Night at the Local Discotheque and Here Are Jams Aplenty

Wonder if there’s anything on there that rivals his current magnum opus of pissiness

Rave On, Van Dumb

Here Comes The Shite

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It’s good, but I’m still disproportionately proud of my Here Comes the Nut from earlier in the thread.

Have I Told You Lately (about my harmful, idiotic anti vax conspiracy theories)?


Three YouTube Channels And The Truth