A new track from Laura Marling




This is good. Have sometimes found her a bit affected in the past but she’s got a comfy groove and great vocals here.


Listened to this a couple of times now. It’ll be interesting to see how representative this track is of the albums overall sound and direction.


Heard this yesterday on the radio - sounded good on first listen. I’ve not particularly liked her stuff before either.


good that, i think. different. progressive.


I like this but then I liked that main single of the last album and it was the only non-boring thing on it so I’ll hold judgement.


which sone do you mean? False Hope or Short Movie? Thought both were good. I agree on the album as a whole though, first album of hers to wash over me.

This new one actually sounds fresh and different, rally good. I’m hoping it’s not a “False Hope” too…


Think it was False Hope? It was a simple electric rock song.



Like it. Really looking forward to the album.