A New Week Football Thread


Big weekend of games coming up!

West Ham v Chelsea
Burnley v Watford
Crystal Palace v Bournemouth
Huddersfield v Brighton
Swansea v West Brom
Tottenham v Stoke
Newcastle v Leicester

Southampton v Arsenal
Liverpool v Everton


You seem to be missing this weekend’s BIG rival game friend!

I am of course talking about Union Berlin vs Dynamo Dresden!!!


Manchester United will beat Manchester City and it’s very important to me that everyone knows i will benefit financially from that result.


Not playing til Monday, let’s call the whole thing off.


Good luck for your game on Monday!!! Hope you play well!


I can see you are playing Sheffield Wednesday which will be a game.


Must win game for Bmouth today,imo.
Please form the chanting circle accordingly


On tv no less! (Won’t be watching)


Good luck to your team, my friend. I hope they win, but even if they don’t let’s not forget that it’s only a game.


Good luck to AFC Bournemouth.


I will be in overtime at work, posting fastidiously during the Manchester bore draw so please don’t fret.


Watched Sheffield United dominate the game, lose and I won some money. Decent.

Fulham will lose at home to Birmingham


Nah, you’ll win that. Maybe unconvincingly.


We don’t win home games against defensive teams, generally. Anti bants aside 1-1 is the likely result


Ah piss, I’ll be on a bus to Dublin during the Chelsea game. Wouldn’t mind watching them tonk West Ham.


I had a dream that it snowed really heavily during the derby and the city players got stuck in the snow and we won 3-0.


There would be literal riots at the referees union depending on which cheques had cleared.


I hope that everyone here has a nice time and that all the players in their respective teams also have a nice time.


Imagine if it snows and it gets called off allowing Pogba to play in a rescheduled fixture!


We have the villains of thr league Millwall! Booooo