A New Week Football Thread


Cheers mate!

Ffs, our cup game has moved to the Friday night despite not even being on the telly. Joke.

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  • My team will win their upcoming fixture
  • My team will lose their upcoming fixture
  • Draw/weather solution/comedy answer

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Bam’s Artwork is great & all but I just want to state here for the record that @Aggpass is & will always be an injury-irked Samir Nasri to me


Surely they had to move either City or United from the Saturday to avoid a fixture clash? Seems more logical to move one to the Sunday to me given the hoardes of Southern Scousers travelling from London to Anfield on the Friday, but you’re talking about the people who’ve pencilled Brighton v Palace in for 8pm Monday, so…

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Graham Poll Time

The result

  • Manchester is Blue
  • Manchester is Red
  • Manchester is Purple (draw)
  • Manchester is zzzzzzz (0-0)

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The ideal result

  • United win - keep the title race alive for at least another week
  • City win - BANTS, BANTS, BANTS
  • Cancellation - SNOW FIGHT

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Title race is over anyway. Hope city completely shoe the pricks

Must be only me who bloody loves a postponed or abandoned game. Feels like an event. Love seasonal japes generally - orange or yellow balls, undersoil heating, delayed trains, wooly hats, half a pint of stout, slipping on your arse, isn’t it, hey, isn’t it marvellous (sticks chin out).


United will get pumped. City win by 3 or 4

Would bloody love if it’s another 5-0 to Pep

You boys are hexing the game, stop it.

you could have stayed home and watched this

More must win for us.

very disappointed DiS has elected not to show this GIF

Genuinely baffled at how weird it is.

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maybe that’s why DiS hasn’t shown it, got it’s own content warning system in place

Yeah, needed to be moved but surely the Sunday made more sense.