A Nice Quiet Sunday Thread

Morning all!

We started the day with pancakes.

We did have plans to travel across to Edinburgh so The Child could meet Wor Lass’s friend but The Child can’t be bothered and I’m quite pleased with that because I couldn’t either.

I’m quite looking forward to not being solely responsible for a five-year old at some point later.

No idea about meal plans.

I hope you all have nice days. Keep the noise down, eh? Inside voices please.


According to my Fitbit, I’ve slept about 18 hours this weekend and boooy do I feel I needed it

Feeling pretty happy this morning though, might be caught up now


Are you worried you’ll end up awake for the next thirty hours or something?

Off to Newcastle for a birthday celebration*


*my grandma’s 94th


Might go look at some rugs

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Lovely image of your grandmother out in the Bigg Market.


Gambling chat

Went to the casino for the first time in I think 8 years last night. Woke up with £800 in my pocket. Reckon I’ll treat myself to fancy takeaway


No way, Jose! I think I’d built up a sleep debt from the end of the week, was a full zombie yesterday. If anything, it will be quite refreshing to be able to stay awake.

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Taking the 7 year old to play in a tennis tournament. 1 out of 1 for victories since I’ve taken him under my expert wing*. Let’s do this!!! The South coast is ours!!1!1!1

*not an expert

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Wearing a Newcastle strip, kebab in one hand, Marlboro in the other.


Morning all

Had a fun day yesterday slowly compiling a selection of calm and melancholic music for my latest Unhappy Hour show for the new by DiSsers for DiSsers Dissonance Radio station, which is now launched on Mixcloud.

Give it a listen and a share if you get a moment :pray: Thank you.

Started my Sunday by making vegan croissants in a frying pan, because that’s how I roll (and so much quicker than waiting for the grill or oven to heat up or burning them in the toaster)


Contary to the thread title I’ve been awake since 6 because Fig, the fox and a bolshy magpie have formed a trio and their favourite game seems to be hide and seek whilst the magpie, when its his turn to seek, makes the most noise possible. I thought they were trying to eat each other but it definitely seems like a game now I’ve watched it for 3 hours :roll_eyes: Have chased all 3 of them off but they keep coming back to their hiding bush.


This looks like they’re in a big pan full of jam

Morning. Lazy morning in store here I think. Meant to be going for a picnic on a nice Riverside meadow, but we’ll see.

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Video pls

I was too raging to film one. I’m sure they’ll be at it again and I’ll get some videos but this morning i was not in the mood for their incessant ‘look at us living in a children’s book’ routine :smile:

It’s this particular fox


Still irked

Day of mooching, driving v around and maybe making a pie to cheer me up.


Not much on today. I need to start making a toile of a dress I wanna wear for a wedding in July but haven’t sewn for about 6 months so motivation is low

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With anything