A nice thread for a Saturday evening

What are your favourite qualities about yourself? Don’t care if this has been done before.

I think mine are that I’m sometimes funny but also a good tipper.

Wbu, friends? And if you aren’t sure, myself and the community will tell you :slight_smile:

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Really polite.

Also, shut it.

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:smiley: I don’t doubt it for a second, always imagine you to be a polite chap.

My favourite quality of yours is that you’re very consistent. Oh, something terrible has happened to me and everyone is being nice and it makes me feel weird? Epimer will still insult me. Beautiful sense of normality.

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Hi Kermy! I guess I am very laid back which I consider a good quality. Also a great speller.

Egg and chips for tea!

Lovely afternoon with friends chatting and drinking tea.


Ooh, is this the evening thread now?! Go right ahead!

Laid back is a lovely quality to have :slight_smile: I love that you seem so kind and like you appreciate the little things in life.


  • I was stung by a bee and that dark bit is the sting
  • Nah some other insect, that dark bit isn’t anything in particular

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I’ve never been stung by a bee so afraid can’t answer here. Would you like a compliment instead?

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I’m quite funny, as in I can make myself laugh when bored or I cant sleep. My imagination / brain’s generally a good egg when it isnt trying to convince me that I’m a fraud and everyone thinks I’m poo.


And tbf even my self doubt is rendered with a classic screwball comedy wit

I’m left-handed


Good hugger
Always early/on time

That’s it.


You’re more than just funny, you’re someone that makes me howl with laughter :smiley:
And you’re a total dish


You’re incredibly talented at music and art, bammers

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And YOU, you are one of my favourite people in the world. No one has a bigger or kinder heart than you funky. The things you post on here (and PM me) have me crying with laughter. Like, genuinely crying and screenshotting to send to my mate cause she also thinks you’re hilarious even though she doesn’t know who you are :smiley:
You are so giving and lovely and selfless and punny as all hell x


I like how i like animals and that. feel sorry for people who aren’t fussed by animals


Wow :sob: thank you Kermy, you’re wonderful :heart:

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Evening Kermo et al

I’m feeling pretty low on quality at the moment but I’m making butter chicken. So idk, perseverance?

It’s a bloody excellent quality to have, Shrews. When someone says they love animals and animals love them back, I instantly trust them.

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High praise from one of the funniest people on here!


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