A Not-Leaving-The-House competition where nobody truly wins


Starting now.

WHO will be the last to leave their house/flat/etc for any reason?

Could it be… you?


Annual Not Leaving House Competition - Started 09:00, 16.06.2018

Going out in a little bit, sorry.


oooh gutted. scratches out name from trophy


I live in a flat, sorry


That’s okay!


I have no plans for the entire day. I would have stayed in bed longer too if Clive hadn’t harassed me into getting up.


could easily suddenly have a reason to leave though. and btw i can fully see this thread rolling past 24 hours

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I’ve already left the flat today. Is it starting from now or am I disqualified?


this is tough. i feel like if you can clock in upon your return we can work out the time between that and you leaving again. but there is a high odds you’ll have forgotten about this/me by then


Already nipped out to get the paper, sorry.


Tbh I’m leaving again to go for a run shortly. All the best with your thread xylo. Hope the winner represents the boards well


i’m going to start trying to get a betting ring established. i’ll keep you informed


£20 on @discobot quote


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Unlike your fucking front door ya hermit


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Not even dressed/ showered yet

Could maybe hold out till 5:30 ish, depends if the boy needs picking up from his mates or not


I could watch all of Not Going Out back to back, whilst not leaving the houyse, and I think I would thoroughly enjoy myself


Waiting on someone. Was meant to leave 20 mins ago