A note on SSP and spoiler tag usage in these times

Hey all,

Hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected given what’s going on around us all.

@dots has quite sensibly suggested a reminder on a couple of house rules, which you lot have mostly been following really well in the last week or so.

The main Corona thread is SSP (Safe Space Protocol), so please take care to spoiler potentially triggering content where possible; stats, alarming news stories, anything that may be distressing healthwise etc. Please also take the time to put a content warning alongside the spoilered text or image as otherwise people will have to unspoiler anyway to find out what is contained within. E.g.

(cw Squirtle within)

Please also spoiler links to tweets and news articles that may alarm as this prevents DiS from pulling in content the page. E.g.

No spoiler:


In non SSP threads while we don’t expect people to go so far over everything, still please be mindful of content that may trigger and please don’t be offended if one of us mods blurs something that we probably wouldn’t normally do so - it’s nothing personal, just that someone came across something they didn’t expect and flagged it to us as personally triggering.

For a slightly more in depth explainer of SSP and warnings, please see this thread:


At last, I’ve found out what cw means.


Still don’t know what SSP means

Safe Space Protocol

(or Salacious Sonnets Preferred - one of the two :slight_smile: )

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Also, confusingly for some discussions at the moment, Statutory Sick Pay.


Stupid Sexy Planders


What is meant by ‘trigger’ in a trigger warning? Are we just highlighting that the subject matter could cause a strong emotional response, or is there a more specific meaning, like could actually trigger PTSD? Feel like this is maybe obvious but that I’ve never quite understood the specific warning.

More the former than the latter in this context.

So, so plandulous.