A particularly terrible/special ‘Guardian’ moment: “I broke my friend’s leg”

LOL what a dickhead.


Read it with an increasingly furrowed brow. Bizarre that it wasn’t satire. Perhaps it is?

I kept dialling 911 instead of 999

I’ve always read that mobile networks in the UK redirect this to 999 or at least resolve it.

The Internet is not being helpful though

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Oh fuck here’s the counterpoint D:


Brief discussion (and link to a companion piece from the friend), here:

Note the name at the bottom of the Guardian article


cough already covered it buddy :wink:

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Yes, we did, in the other thread.

The whole episode when reading both starts to become Woman Slowly Realising That Her Friend Is a Piece Of Shit

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Forgive the leg-breaking; cut all contact at everything else afterwards.


Yeah - posted it separate coz the guardian thread is seldom viewed by many these days

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Dead to me unless that also meant supporting @marckee against @xylo here, in which case some things are too far and I’d forgive them.


Stuff like that happens. It was just an accident.

It’s them then telling the papers about it that I find annoying.

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It’s absolutely all about his thoughts on the whole experience after tbh. Although as her own friends and family point out, it’s not… it’s not THAT common a thing to do? Accident insofar as she fell as he intended but harder than he intended. It’s not quite an accident at all really is it?

I tried to call an ambulance, but was panicking so much that I kept dialling 911 instead of 999

Fucking dickhead

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calling 911 in the UK will redirect to 999 as well

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Never knew that

I’ll remember that next time I’m chatting shit in a pub to someone


Just actually read it. Fucking hell, three weeks in hospital.

Maybe if the prick didn’t skip leg day it wouldn’t have happened