A perfect circle

I wasn’t sure I wanted to have to have my username associated with this thread, but since no one else seems to have mentioned it (as far as I can see)…

this new a perfect circle song is astoundingly bad! I have fond memories of their first two albums. Was I mistaken? I don’t know if I want to find out now

still enjoy the first album. liked the second but not as much. that third thing they put out was awful, clearly just fulfilling their record contract.

think basically it comes down to maynard is awful now and anything he touches is going to be bad. who’s in the band now?

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no idea, to be honest. Just saw it in my facebook feed, clicked it and regretted

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just listened. sounds like it belongs on emotive or a puscifer album

What of the dootyful? well, they’re full of shit, Maynard, much like this song.

Liked the first two albums, think I’m still trying to forget Emotive was actually a thing.

I don’t actually hate this it’s a little lackluster but not awful the transitions between the heavier bits and the softer parts are a bit clumsy.

The first album is still fantastic. “3 Libras” remains an all-timer especially, that chorus melody.


First album has some gorgeous moments and the raaawk songs are totally solid. Second album’s still strong. This is okay, just underwhelming. He’s still going on about the same stuff in pretty much the same words which makes him sound utterly unconvincing.

And yeah that song is perfect!

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Sounds exactly like Puscifer. What’s the use any more ?

Contrary to a popular opinion, the 2nd LP is better than the 1st.

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Still one of my favourite songs ever

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This thread had resulted in me falling into a wiki hole - ive ended up on Maynard’s winery website, being a bit disappointed they dont deliver to the uk.

Only ever heard Judith. Might check out first album.

Is Josh Freese still in them

Could have sworn Maynard had a half decent singing voice but really not so much huh.

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Can’t believe this is what he’s been doing instead of cracking on with the Tool album

he did but he does this annoying voice all the time now

seems like the other three have had allbums’ worth of material sitting about but maynard isn’t ‘excited’ about them so isn’t contributing much to them

And yet he’s excited about this? Fuck’s sake.

i mean he’s apparently excited about dressing up like a wrestler and putting out endless amounts of sub APC soundalikes

Haven’t listened to the first two albums for ages but they were my favourite band at one point - would answer that other thread (for me) about a side project being better than the main band - seen them and Tool a few times but always preferred APC albeit that third album was indeed truly appalling. I wont give up hope yet although this sounds like a facsimile of what they used to do with all the good bits removed :neutral_face: