A picture of a big snake eating a massive bat


WELCOME TO OZ ! A couple from Sunshine Beach , Queensland captured photos of a Huge Carpet Python eating a Giant Golden Crown Flying Fox

I did not witness this myself, obviously.

Although my wife and child almost got taken out by Plovers protecting a nest


Christ, this place is DEAD at 3.35 on a Tuesday morning. Unbelievable.


What are you expecting theo? That snake is pretty badass btw


Argh! Australia can go fuck off. :spider: :snake: :crocodile:


And - worst of all - Australians


Hope it all goes well Theo. Try not to get eaten. X


erm, G’day cobber.




Can this be real?


Looks like it’s eating a golf umbrella.




my 4yo is absolutely obsessed with the idea of having a fruit bat/flying fox for a pet

dunno where the idea came from at all. Mystifying.
Send one over Theo - save it from the mouths of these terrifying snake savages