A Pizza Story (polls)

Supermarket pizzas:

  • Eaten in cardboard (?!?)
  • Eaten in cardboard on top of chopping board (?!?!?!?!)
  • Placed on plate (not sliced)
  • Placed on plate (sliced)

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so… are you suggesting some people take them OUT of the cardboard, put them in the oven, balance them back on top of the cardboard box to eat them?

edit: of course you are, and of course you’ll be right: this is DiS


What do you mean eaten in cardboard?! Like, taken out of cardboard box, cooked in oven, then placed back on cardboard box?

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Toooo slow.

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Round mine if someone wants a plate they’re welcome to one, but otherwise life is far, far too short - and there’s something of a placebo effect to having it on cardboard.

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@anon50098204 too, unless I’m mistaken, that’s what our boy @iamwiggy is suggesting.

Sliced on, then eaten directly off chopping board. Obviously.




This is also acceptable

nah. my housemate does this and its obvious he thinks he’s being all sophisticated and posh like he’s in pizza express or something, and then he never washes the board.

  • knife and fork
  • hands
  • other (please specify)

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chopsticks, obv


fucking cardboard weirdos


On this

I don’t think that the abandonment of plates should be seen as a viable way to improve your life.


cardboard is weird enough… but to then claim you use a knife and fork to eat a pizza on the cardboard…? wtf.


sounds like proper student behaviour

regarding the OP, it’s ON cardboard, not IN, that would certainly be odd

so you just plonk it on top of the box?

i open the box out and fold it back over itself so the pizza goes on the plain cardboard that was previously on the inside not the outside bit with all the instructions etc. on it

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