A poll about betting, lottery, gambling, etc


I’ve come to realise that this is crazy prevalent in my friend’s lives. I’d be tempted if I wasn’t so terrible at it. But anyway, do you:

  • Play the lottery
  • Play scratchcards
  • Play those weird lotteries on TV that seem like scams for old people
  • Bet on sports through proper bookies/websites
  • Bet with mates/not through a bookie/site
  • Other (please detail)

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Nah. Tax on hope, isn’t it.

(© some sketch show I can’t remember)


Not for me I’m afraid. Occasionally play the lottery if its a big roll over.

When we went to Vegas, I allowed myself $100 (we were there for one 20 hours) and I cashed out after I had $50 left. I couldn’t face it for some reason.


I’m a big roller with the occasional £1 scratch card. I won £40 a little while ago, I’ll have you know.


I tend to buy lottery tickets/scratchcards on special occasions or to put in cards for birthdays and stuff.
I also sometimes do a £1 accy on certain premiership weekends

It’s not really about the winning, guys.


Don’t do any of it.

Am always a bit perturbed when queing in our local shop at how many people buy multiple lottery tickets and scratchcards in one go. I can understand how it might be considered escapism but the amount of money being shelled out boggles my mind.


Are we counting poker here?


If I’m out and about my missus might say “oh get a lottery ticket for tonight” which I’ll do.

I do have a few online bookies accounts and will place the odd bet but nothing serious. Promised that in future I’d keep a spreadsheet to keep track of what I was spending on it.

I also play a bit of online poker in the evening. I’m not too bad at poker but sometimes play drunk which is stupid, and sometimes either lose patience or have to help with the kids which is a pain.


buy a scratchcard about once a year. have played the lottery about twice in my life and have betted on sports about five times.

does playing online poker count as gambling? I do that more regularly.


Pretend to win a few beer tokens at weekend on the football.


Don’t think I ever win any money on gambling, it’s just sometimes a bit of a thrill or a fun gesture isn’t it?


we’re all gamblers because we’re all participating in the game of life


“when the fun stops, stop” just became even bleaker


Other - Poker nights with friends (taking some of @The_Excession’s money recently) and occasionally getting drunk and ending up in the casino, haven’t done this for over a year though, mainly thanks to @elthamsmateowen not coming back to sheffield.

Finished 2016 £285 up on sports and politics betting, according to my spreadsheet


I never really get the “if its a big rollover thing”…like you may be disappointed with just 3 mill.





I just carried on getting drunk in there tbh


Could barely get a modest five bed house for that in Cambridge, m8. Doubt it’d even have a proper moat.


None of the above.


And how!