A poll about contactless payment



Right guys, we all know about contactless payment by now, what I’m interested to discover is whether or not you actually use it as it’s name suggests. I personally always tap my card on the reader/chip and pin thing rather than hover over it as the name would suggest. And you?

  • Contact is not made
  • Contact is made

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You can (and should) discuss this as well as vote btw


Depends. I actually don’t think about it.


there is a co-op in town that has readers and the closest one, the one always used by the till staff, doesn’t work, but every time someone tries it they say “oh, it must be your card”. it isn’t my card. i just used it down the road at Greggs mate. it’s your fucking reader.

anyway, i like their new logos


People who make contact are malcos.


If its vertical i definitely don’t. If its kind of at a 45% degree angle its 50/50 really. horizontal i’ll normally give it a wee bang.


I’m not voting, btw


Bad attitude


She’s right though, you’ve failed to provide the “I’m a maverick who plays by their own rules” option.


Alright Russell Brand


You of all people should know about binary options Theodore


Just remembered, Theo, the other day I told h_y_g that I quite liked the name “Theo” for a child.


Imagine the time / energy you’d waste if every occasion on which you used a contactless payment card you had to make sure you didn’t actually make contact. It’s not the forcefield game, you aren’t trying to trigger any sexual frisson with the machine.




↑ Malco


What is a ‘malco’ Lonzy?

  • I don’t have a contactless card
  • I’m a fully functioning human adult in 2016

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Same as unco


This just raises further questions…


How dirty must credit cards get? I reckon worse than a toilet seat.