A poll about contactless payment



Malcoordinated or uncoordinated.


I disagree with this


I’m fully obsessed with Apple Pay now. The sensor in it is WAY more powerful than my debit card so I can hover from quite far away (especially when getting on the tube).

Can we also talk about how people are paranoid about Apple Pay?
My boyfriend reckons TFL are going to download my WhatsApp conversations and my nudes.



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Also I was over in New York not long ago and they were up in arms about the fact they have to do chip and pin now!


You need to clean your toilet then!



I always thought the ‘contact’ was between the chip on the card and the chip reader inside the machine. So it is those two things that are not making contact when you go contactless. That’s how I see it anyway.


My gf won’t use contactless on the tube because of not wanting her bank knowing her movements or something, it’s extremely good when we miss a train because she has to top up her Oyster as a result.


I think she’s getting contactless card confused with toilet seat




ARGH so much ^this.

I’ll be the other side of the barriers shouting FFS JUST USE YOUR CONTACTLESS CARD YOU IDIOT and he’s in the queue for the oyster machine shouting “I don’t want to”

Also he is fully outraged when the person behind a bar/whatever takes his card and taps it for him. Won’t stop going on about it for a solf 5 mins and i’m like YEAH I GET IT but you still hand your card over every time instead of going “i’ll tap it”

Source of 80% of our arguments right there.


Why doesn’t she just setup auto top-up?

(This is what my wife asks me but in my case it’s because I have a zones 1-2 annual pass so it’s rare I need top up.)


I don’t ask these questions


Only recently discovered it’s just a way of storing your CC details. I’d assumed it was like Paypal and there was an account on the other end you put money into.


Maybe you should? Maybe she doesn’t even realise she can do that?


I don’t even have an Oyster card any more because contactless exists.

That said, I reckon I only use public transport about once a fortnight these days, if that.

The one time I tired to use Android Pay to get a train it didn’t work. Fuck knows what I was doing, must have been drunk.


Ha. Yeah it’s just like having a 2 cards.

It’s very beneficial to people like me who sometimes shove their bank card in a different bag/coat then forget it when going to work.


Same. I ditched the oyster a long time ago thanks to contactless and now Apple Pay.


Watch what you’re saying mate