A poll about meeting other Disers


Have you met someone from DiS in real life?[poll max=3 public=true]

  • I have
  • I haven’t
  • I might’ve, but I couldn’t say for sure


Which DiSer has met the most other DiSers?

I reckon it’ll be @plasticniki
closely followed by @aboynamedgoo


And all were a great bunch o’ lads and lasses. SRSLY.

(apart from @andyvine)


I’ve met plenty of people from gigs in real life…


Someone do a poll of all the DiSers and you tick the ones you’ve met please



(I was expecting more from this thread, tbf.)


I saw one at a beach house/grizzly bear gig but was too shy to say hi or out my secret internet lifestyle to my friends


I usually go to @plasticniki’s DiS drinks, but she never comes to DiS football …




I’ve met @wizardlizard the most :wave:


YFO,P it was just a simple query


Bet you’ve never been on one of their daft audaxes though


You’re actually in my top 25 DiSsers I’ve met from Manchester



Only met a few - absolutely dreadful to a man/woman


I reckon I’ve met 50 odd people off here


I had a nice run of about two or three weeks where I’d see @epimer at Cambridge station most days :hugging:


I reckon I might have ‘met’ over 50 DiSers.

in many cases, you might just replace that with ‘played football with’. still counts, though.


Aw. You’re in my top hundred DiSers, fo’ sho’


a few normal ones too heeeheeheeee


Harsh, but true.