A poll about meeting other Disers

Everyone I’ve met from here has been completely coincidental and I only realised they were DiSers several months after I formed close bonds with them.

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Wait, what? Now I’m confused, I’m not blonde!?

Deffo lost count with the amount of you lot I’ve met.

I was extremely blonde as a child in fairness

white ‘the people’s champion’ russian

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  • nei

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Reckon we should get badges for meeting certain combinations of DiSers. Both plastics, at least two Smees, one of the more elusive ones etc.

Well I’ve got both of those badges then.

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They don’t exist mate.

I’m going with “nearly - we were in the same beer tent but I was an embarrassing drunken mess and I didn’t want to make a bad first impression”

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Yeah it was a weird night

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I was in the same room as @Raanraals and @WizardLizard last Friday, but they arrived later than me and sat at the other end of the table, so I didn’t get to speak to them before I dashed off for dinner.


That emoji is not really an apology

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It’s ‘Disappointed Relieved’

Which is 100% spot on


Think we got into double figures worth of DiSers that night

I beg to differ:



Badge please!

The ones I haven’t I guess? Well the ones I haven’t who I regularly interact with on here so that would be you, @aggpass probably @ruffers and I guess @geoff @meatsqueak @anon29812515, that sort of thing.

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holy shit what’s this???

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Can you award me the Smees one please, I’ve even met the lesser-spotted third Smee