A poll thread for comparing the quality of Aldi/Lidl products with their branded equivalents

Please follow the below format:

Snackrite teddy faces (in comparison to pom bears)

  • Superior
  • No difference in quality
  • Inferior
  • Inedible

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Judgements are on quality only, NOT value for money

went to Lidl recently, and the shop came to pretty much the same as a similar sized Tesco shop. I think the prices on bulk products (like massive sacks of rice etc) might be better, but its a supermarket for tryhards.

I don’t fuck with lidl, personally, but aldi is definitely significantly cheaper than yer main supermarkets



Not on budget supermarket book, sorry pals.

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The lidl hobnobs (don’t know how they brand them)

  • Superior
  • No difference
  • Inferior
  • Inedible

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It’s mainly because they are an absolute nightmare to shop at - the local Aldi’s is in the middle of a High Street and you have to pay park and all that shit. So much easier just to go to a normal supermarket and pay pretty much the same price.

Mrs Fox is gonna give it a go during the summer holidays when she has too much time on her hands.

Probably stick to getting it Ocado’d in and nipping to Asdas’ or Sainsbo’s for any other bits and bobs though tbh…

I have previously slated Lidl for their tiny checkout bagging area and caging you in the store with barriers and stuff once you have entered but…they are fucking great!
The German Honey mustard (and condiments in general), the bakery section, breakfast snack bars, the cheap chocolate, the booze, the yogurt, the fruit and veg, the insert european country themed weeks, the price!! great bunch of lads. Think Aldi is pretty shit though


Aldi nappies vs Huggies/Pampers

  • Superior
  • Same
  • Inferior
  • Lol poo…

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Only the highest quality premium pampers nappys will be touching my children’s arses, thank you very much.

Give me one in a convenient location, with plentiful, easy parking and I’ll be straight in there for bits and bobs.

Lidl is cheaper too. Really cannot bring myself to shop anywhere else but Aldi now though.

I like to supplement an aldi shop with a little stop in a real supermarket cause some of their stuff is horseshit but it’s definitely worth doing 80% or so of my shopping there

Aldi / Lidl 75p handcream vs whatever’s cheapest at Boots or Superdrug

  • superior
  • I’m a Tory

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Please respect the thread

(I have literally no idea what the branded equivalent is, there’s so much hand cream out there ffs)

I live right next to a big Sainsburys so haven’t ever bothered shopping elsewhere. The savings would have to be pretty big to justify the inconvenience of driving [checks Google] 12 minutes to get to my nearest Aldi.

(I was referring to the very loaded poll options)

I have toned it down :stuck_out_tongue: