A (pretty specific) question about the different music streaming services

Do any of them enable you to add a self defined label/tag to saved albums and playlists so that you can then do a sort to view all the albums with that label? e.g. search by ‘soundtrack’ would show all the albums I’ve labelled as being soundtracks or ‘2016’ all albums I’ve labelled as being my favourite albums of 2016?

Google Play Music let’s you change Genres, but not sure if that helps you?

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Gave up on Google play because Music Manager stopped working on Mac but took a look and yeah pretty much that but being able to define your own categories. I’ve been trying out a free trial of Roon and it lets you do this and it is such a great feature for organising digital music it seems weird that it isn’t a feature on Spotify et al

Yeah, uploading music to GPM is a right pain these days, so I’ve pretty much given up doing that. I mostly just use it these days for checking out new releases before I decide if i’ll spend my hard earned pennies on it or not.
I also like that it’s a lot more visual than Spotify. I can look at things by album art more, which works better for my brain.

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think you can do this with Apple Music + iTunes working in unison, might involve the use of iCloud to add stuff from your subscription to iTunes. Then you can add tags in the ‘grouping’ section of the song info

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Oh that’s good - I would never have worked that out. Thanks.

So (unlike Spotify & Tidal as far as i can work out) all the albums in Apple Music and Google Play are tagged by genre and you can select a specific genre and it will list all those albums. But in Apple Music you can also add a ‘Category’ tag to any album, which doesn’t add an additional bespoke ‘genre’ but does enable you to create a bespoke smart playlist which would contain all the albums you’ve assigned that category e.g. ‘2016 fav albums’. That means you end up with a long playlist with all the tracks in.

That’s pretty good although still not quite what I was after. Going to have a play and see if meets my needs though.

Thanks again.

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