A Primer for Spiritual Jazz


Hey everyone! My buddy and I just released episode 34 of our Philosophy of the World Podcast. This month we put together a primer on Spiritual Jazz. Let me know what some of your spiritual jazz albums are.

Listen here: https://wp.me/p9zssl-4r
Or you can check it out on any podcast app.


Genuinely interested in this.


this looks good! Will check it out at some point today. My spiritual jazz knowledge is pretty much just the Coltranes and Pharoah Sanders. And I guess some of Sun Ra counts?


Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, I would say some Sun Ra definitely counts - we don’t play any of his material on this episode, but he definitely comes up in our discussions. A lot of cool stuff to dig into in this sub-genre.


Been listening to the wonderful vinyl reissue of this little beauty recently


Nice, hadn’t heard of that record until it got reissued recently. Great album!


Looking forward to listening to this, don’t know much beyond Alice Coltrane.


Will definitely be checking this out, can’t get enough spiritual jazz. Pharaoh Sanders’ Hum Allah is my favourite jazz track of all time.


There are a couple of excellent Soul Jazz compilations whose names I can’t remember but will post later.

Edit - one of them is called New Thing!


A couple of the early Soul Jazz compilations touch on this - Universal Sounds of America and Soul Jazz Loves Strata East are both absolutely brilliant, two of my favourite compilations of any type ever.

New Thing! is a more recent visit to the same territory and also very good.


I don’t know the first two and will be purchasing them ASAP.


Couple of classics, one from each of those compilations:


Thanks for listening. Alice Coltrane is absolutely amazing, but there is so much more.


Pharoah Sanders is one of my all time favorites in general - especially his work during this period. Thanks for listening!