A question about pillows in hotels etc

I have this common issue when sleeping in hotel, which is that the pillow seems to be ‘airtight’? I’m not sure how else to explain but if I rest my ear on it the effect is to block up my ear completely, which is a very uncomfortable feeling.

I’m sure it’s fine if you’re one of those who sleeps on their back like a cartoon character but the rest of us tend to rest the side of their head on the pillow.

It’s fucking annoying and it needs to stop.

My beef with hotel pillows is that they are always 1.5x the thickness of a normal pillow. 1 is too few. 2 is too many.


That’s more of a statement, cheif

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You’re right:


Depends on the hotel. Premier Inns usually give you a selection of different types of pillow - pretty easy to find one that suits.
Alternatively, could take one from home

They give you a selection of two but at least one of them has this issue so it means you don’t have a selection at all.

Not lugging my fucking Dunlopillo mate. It’s really heavy.

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Isn’t it that hotels have pillows and pillowcases that are less absorbent, for cleaning and hygiene reasons?

Yeah, I get this with lots of pillows, not just in hotels. I feel like I can hear my heartbeat through the pillow?


I dunno. I certainly imagine some kind of hygiene factor must be at play but it’s fucking irritating as hell. Maybe very few people are bothered by this, though. How do you feel about it?

Haven’t really noticed it, tbh.

dunlopillo crew 4 lyf


are you mixing up pillows and stethoscopes?

stayed in a posh hotel in madrid and there was a pillow menu. i ended up going for the buffet option.

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Really want one of these dunlopillos

Well fucking bike down to John Lewis on your lunch hour and buy one, then!

(Good fucking luck carrying it home on a bike, mind.)

yeah they’re “really heavy”

Down in the mouth?

Tempura mattress?

Yeah you back sleeping cartoon CUNTS

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