A question about the buying and selling of blood

Will anyone flog me some of theirs?

Bonus question: is it legal?

Mine is 70% gravy and 20% cider, you’re welcome to it.

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What’s the other 10%?



Oh of course, yeah :smiley:

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Same answer I always give to this question: if you can get it, you can keep it

No. Probably not.

You’re on. Dual me!! DUAL ME!!!

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Dunno about blood but the fact there is a breast milk market always blows my mind

Oh also,

Not much, what’s the other 10% with you?

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Not interested in any of the other fluids, feel like if I really wanted them I could get them with relative ease anyway

Just as well, there’s no way you can get breast milk from me

I wouldn’t mind some bones actually.
Shouldn’t have sold my wisdom tooth, probably could’ve done a nice swapsy with it

Oh you dick, I would’ve had that!!
Fancy just chucking away a 20+ year old tooth like it’s rubbish!

Not at all! My mum kept all of my milk ones in a little jar.

Muting cos if this appears in my internet history in 5 years time at Tour de France… :weary::weary:


if you needed a blood transfusion and only had DiS to choose from, who would you choose? only looking for low level banter here, don’t care about any “blood” “group” boring science chat


And to think I was called a monster for wanting to keep my son’s umbilical cord stump.

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@anon5266188 because he doesn’t drink. Bet he’s got some primo blood going spare.


Yeah that’s a tough one. Yours? You’re young and active and all that.
Or anyone that has a superpower.