A question for all you Excel nonces


I’ve got a load of dates for certain jobs to commence (column D) and a I need a corresponding set of dates (column E) when I need the work completing by, standard turn around being 30 working days (i.e. 6 weeks excluding weekend days). So D2+42 sorts that out.

The problem is that I need to exclude other days where work won’t happen (bank holidays and some other days). I’ve got a list of those dates in Excel.

So say for example job 1 starts on Monday 1/8/16 it should be completed by Tuesday 13 September. Standard 30 working days plus the bank holiday Monday in August. How can I get Excel to work this shit out for me?

Obviously I could do D2+42, copy down and manually adjust where bank holiday/non-work days appear in the 6 weeks, but that’d be a right ball ache as there’s loads of jobs I need to log.

Thank you mates.


I did this very thing a couple of years ago.

Cannot for the life of me remember how I did it.

Best of luck.


Thank you SantaCarla. Best of luck in your endeavours too, whatever they may be!


I’ve done this too.

Totally forgot how though.


Actually, a cursory search reveals it might have been this:


That’s a real pity! Do let me know if you remember.


workday() should do this for you


@SantaCarla @jontosh2001 WORKDAY() it is.

May peace be with you!