A question for the bookish crowd (about publishers)

Hi gang!

So my super exciting question for you today, is this: Do you know about any UK based publishers, not immediately searchable on google, that focus on (or want to do more of!) translating Scandinavian literature into English for the UK market?

I’ve found one specialised small publisher that seems to be run by/through UCL, curious to see if there are any more. Must be currently active.

Thanks :nerd_face: :books:

Hmm I don’t but if you don’t have any luck getting answers here let me know and I can ask my pal Amy whose had her book translated into many languages now so might have some insight

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Don’t know if it’s ‘ungoogleable’ but And Other Stories translate contemporary fiction from around the world and have published some Swedish, Norwegian and Danish language authors in English About us | And Other Stories

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oooh maybe @xylo would know

Thank you! Didn’t find that on my initial google search anyway.

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