a question for the FAO of ...

@aboynamedgoo (or @shrewbie or @ma0sm I guess)

are there any hotels in the Netherlands that are run by robots ?


DiS FC has stayed at a Hampshire Hotel in Amsterdam, We did not meet Hugo.

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not really what I was after

more this

Then I think the answer to your very specific question is no

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well then why is that hotel here?

not really recreating the Netherlands is it if the hotel is staffed by robots?

The robot behind the desk in the thumbnail looked faintly terrifying before I watched the video and realized it was a robotic raptor.


Woah, that’s legit fascinating.

No idea though, probably the same reason you can buy chips at an Italian restaurant in the UK.

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go Japan innit

You can do WHAT?!

It get worse: the Schiphol retail outlet (“modeling the bright atmosphere of Schiphol airport in Holland”) is selling the specialties of Nagasaki like Castella, Champion and Udon Noodles.

Not available at the real airport, obviously.

And don’t get me started on the coffee shops at Huis Ten Bosch …


If your visit to the Netherlands doesn’t involve @ma0sm then I will be heartbroken.

Already died a little when I discovered @elthamsmateowen was here last weekend :cry:

I’ve been many times as a kid, but not since. I’m sure it’ll be fun for grown-ups too …