A question for the ladies


or the men actually

is there a difference between “men’s” and “women’s” t-shirts?

Bought a t-shirt from Primark (probably shouldn’t be buying from there too right?) and I don’t know if or how to tell if it’s a “man’s” t-shirt.

Of course it doesn’t matter either way I’m just curious if there’s conventionally a difference.


Tighter fit usually. But who knows these days, fashion is a crazy thing.


sleeves seem a little short…gonna have some real lovely armpit-hair exposures!

As you say though could be the fashion…I didn’t bother to look at it in the shop just bought it folded up cos it was cheap and I felt guilty for just spending 2 quid on socks.

Also learnt today that there’s a thing called “long-bodied” t-shirts and they look ridiculous (to me).


What size is it? Women’s are usually 8/10/12 etc…men’s are usually s/m/l?


ah that’s a very concise and good answer. It’s an m so I guess that solves it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I feel like you need a lot of hand holding though life :slight_smile:


ah is this something everyone should know? :flushed:


Perhaps men don’t know it. Perhaps men think women come in just three sizes?


I guess the sexualisation of women and their clothing leads to this whereas men are allowed to be much more generic (wrong word)

Sorry I should have thought about this before posting, I wasn’t trying to be all WHEY LADS LIFE IS EASY FOR ME.


Clearly it’s not easy, you don’t know which t-shirts you’re wearing.


tried an XL boys football shirt on recently thinking it’d be the same as mens medium
didn’t look right at all


thought it was just a t-shirt, it’s just a body after all


nah women’s t-shirts are s/m/l/xl a lot too

in some shops xs =6, s=8, m =10 etc but not always and sizes vary a lot depending on the retailer.

generally this sort of sizing is useless. I can be anything from a medium to an extra large.


Generally a bit more tapered (wrong word dunno) cut on the body and shorter sleeves I think. Taken to buying women’s jeans recently. Cheaper and more comfortable but shit pockets, generally


now I’m unsure again.

It was mostly in the men’s section but kinda in between.

It has a breast pocket on the left-hand side, does this help?

I remember finding out recently that some women’s jeans have no pockets which is really really stupid


surely it depends on the style? lots of women’s t-shirts have longer and tighter sleeves.


I have some t-shirts that have a pocket on the breast. the lack of actual usable pockets on women’s clothing is the main feminist issue of our time though.


also right, side pont: the young lady at the paypoint was way too friendly, first she asked me what I was up to this weekend (ok that’s fair enough I suppose) I just said not much, which should be a sign that the chit-chat whilst pleasant is over. Then she asks what I’ve got planned for my holiday this year.

I’m not going on holiday, I never go anywhere, this makes me feel really lame and poor. Not everyone can have holidays, she was nice but I dunno…too much for me.


yeah, just meant yer bog standard t-shirt


some places make their staff do that. it’s fucking horrible and I feel really sorry for the staff too.