A question that's kind of related to supermarkets but not exclusively

Hello. Have you ever been the subject of a tannoy announcement in a place? If so can you please tell us about it. Thank you.

They put out a call for me, by name, in an airport because my flight was about to leave without me. There was no tannoy in the toilets, which is obviously where I was.


Did you make the flight? Did you make poopy in your panties?

Oh boy…

Yes and no, in that order.

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No I have not.

Thank you Nicola.

Heathrow Airport. My bag hadn’t been loaded on the plane during layover in Madrid. Cue form filling and a delivery at home the next day. No dramas.


I was the subject of a tannoy announcement when I got lost in M&S. They called my mum to the Information Desk

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And this happened just last week.


In an airport once, was a bit casual getting to a gate.

Used to work on the customer service desk in Safeway. The tannoy went through the main switchboard phone and one evening I’d put someone on hold then went back to speak to them but somehow pressed the tannoy button instead and was stood there for about twenty seconds shouting ‘hello, HELLO? Are you there?!’ before I realised :joy::joy::joy:


jesus christ


At the bowling alley I used to work at I forced through a change to tannoy script from “This is a staff announcement…” to “This is a team announcement…” because it was more personable and we were all part of a team at that place (and also they gave you HMV vouchers if you were employee of the month so I did a lot of sucking up like that)

Pretty sure it was me they were talking to when they announced that smoking wasn’t allowed on the platform.

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classic Ant

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“this is a team announcement…”

*goes back to sleep*

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Ditto but in my case regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

I’ve had this but on the bus where they say standing upstairs isn’t allowed.

This reminded me of being told off over the tannoy at a petrol station for talking hands-free on my phone while trying to fill up my car with petrol. Couldn’t see what all the fuss was about tbh